Taking Care of Business

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Taking Care of Business by Mind Map: Taking Care of Business

1. Step [4]: Hypothesis Organization

1.1. Differential Diagnoses

1.1.1. Priority Diabetes Mellitus Prostatic Hyperplasia Obstructive Sleep Apnea

1.1.2. ADH Deficiency Diabetes Insipidus

2. Step [1]: Identifying Cues & Difficult Word

2.1. 48 years old male

2.2. sales managere

2.3. Overweight

2.4. Disturbed sleep

2.4.1. Worsen in the last 6 months

2.4.2. Heavy schedule

2.5. Nocturnal urination

2.5.1. Twice

2.6. SOB

2.7. Leg swelling

2.7.1. On long trips

3. Step [2]: Problem Formulation

3.1. 48 year old overweight male, sales manager complaining of tiredness, SOB, occasional leg swelling on long trips. During the last 6 months, he used to wake up at night to pass urine twice.

4. Step [5]: Learning Objectives

4.1. 1. To Learn diabetes mellitus type 2

4.1.1. Definition

4.1.2. Pathophysiology

4.1.3. Clinical Manifestation

4.1.4. Investigation

4.1.5. Complication

4.2. 2. To know the definition of diabetes inspidus

4.2.1. Etiology

4.2.2. Clinical manifestation

4.2.3. Investigation

4.2.4. Complication

4.3. 3. To know about prostatic hyperplasia

4.4. 4. To discuss obesity

5. Step [3]: Hypotheses Generations

5.1. Diabetes

5.1.1. Due to insulin resistance

5.1.2. Symptoms Nocturnal urination Obesity More levels of triglycerides Impair signaling pathways of insulin Cardinal Signs

5.1.3. Posterior pituitary ADH In the case of heart failure, edema bilateral

5.1.4. Obese Sleep disturbance Obstructive sleep apnea Become Hypertensive Left sided heart failure Affect lung Leg swqeling Atherosclerotic changes

5.1.5. Others Adipoectin Leptokines Increases Beta cells funciton overwhlemed by demands

5.1.6. Polyuria Nocturia Hyperplasia of prostate UTI Alcohol ADH Hyposecretion Hypersecretion Caused by No enough information

5.1.7. Age & weight Sedentary lifestyles Decreased activity DVT Central obesity Polyuria

5.1.8. Bilateral swelling Heart or renal problem

5.1.9. SOB Only on hurry Could be in earlier stages Urination Metabolic or renal problem All symptoms Injury to coronary arteries MI Obesity

5.1.10. I|nsulin increase protein build up