They Mustn't Find Out

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They Mustn't Find Out by Mind Map: They Mustn't Find Out

1. Step [4]: Hypothesis Organization

1.1. Differential Diagnoses

1.1.1. Diabetes complications

2. Step [1]: Identifying Cues & Difficult Word

2.1. Identifying Cues

2.1.1. 23 y old female

2.1.2. Recurring skin infections

2.1.3. feeling tired and worried

2.1.4. Reluctant to get a check-up

2.1.5. pain at the infection site

2.1.6. Diabetic patient

2.1.7. Afraid of losing her job

2.1.8. Works as a bus driver

3. Step [2]: Problem Formulation

3.1. A 23 y old diabetic female who works as a bus driver complaining of recurrent skin infections, and pain on her foot. She also complains of tiredness.

4. Step [5]: Learning Objectives

4.1. To know about diabetes, manifestation, complications and diagnostic criteria ( + different types of measurements )

4.2. Stress effect over skin healing

4.3. Pancreatic functions: insulin specifically

5. Step [3]: Hypotheses Generations

5.1. hypoglycemic state> low immunity > vascular disease

5.2. Diabetes types

5.2.1. 1 Auto-immune Beta cells destruction

5.2.2. 2: multi-factorial poly-dipsia, plyphagia, plyuria

5.2.3. Note: not all organs need insulin for glucose

5.2.4. genetic predisposition: seen in DM1&2:

5.2.5. Diabetic foot is the reason why she is complaining of foot infection