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Invest Ottawa (You Are Here) by Mind Map: Invest Ottawa (You Are Here)

1. Do you want to start a business?

1.1. Are you under age 29?

1.1.1. Yes Contact Majeed Mogharreban Are you in school?

1.1.2. No

2. Are you incorporated?

2.1. Yes

2.1.1. Accelerator program

2.2. No

2.2.1. Grind Space

3. Do you want to expand your business internationally?

3.1. Invest In Trade

4. Do you need a loan?

4.1. Are you under age 39?

4.1.1. Yes CYBF

4.1.2. No OCLF

5. Do you want a mentor?

5.1. Mentor Madness

6. Do you want to volunteer as a mentor?

6.1. Peter Stewart