Graduate Studies

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Graduate Studies by Mind Map: Graduate Studies

1. Graduate Resource Center

1.1. Support Services

1.1.1. Planning for Graduate School

1.1.2. Graduate Online Writing Lab (GrOWL)

1.1.3. Individual Consultations Writing Statistics English as a Second Language Proofreading & Copy Editing

1.1.4. Thesis and Dissertation Writing Boot Camps

1.1.5. Writing Support Groups Check-in Group Review Group

1.1.6. Wednesday Evening Hours Drop-in Assistance BOSS UP! Men of Color Study Hours Staff as Students Wednesday Writing Sessions

1.1.7. Latina/o Graduate and Professional Student Fellowship Program

1.1.8. Graduate and Professional Student Academy

1.1.9. New Student Orientation Jump Start Orientation Online Orientation

1.2. Workshops

1.2.1. Literature Reviews

1.2.2. Building a Bibliography with Endnote Web

1.2.3. Bringing Balance to Life as a Graduate Student

1.2.4. Theses/Dissertations from Start to Finish Panel

1.2.5. University Funding Opportunities

1.2.6. Plagiarism: Avoiding the Pitfalls

1.2.7. Enhancing Reading Skills

1.2.8. Create and Design an Academic Poster*

1.2.9. Quantitative Analysis

1.2.10. Enhancing Presentations Through Technology

1.2.11. Qualitative Analysis

1.2.12. Software Programs for Data Analysis

1.2.13. Nuts & Bolts of Publishing

1.2.14. Recorded Online Workshops

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Guide to Graduate Study

1.3.2. Graduate Handbooks Doctoral Handbook M.F.A. Handbook Master's Handbook

1.3.3. Learning Resources Funding Graduate School College Teaching Career Resources Publishing Research Strategies Professional Development Conferences and Presentations Tutorials

1.3.4. Professional Development Guides Presentation Skils Enhancing Presentations through Technology How to Present at a Conference Designing Effective Academic Posters The Art of PowerPoint Career Preparation Developing Leadership Skills Networking/Job Market/Salary Negotiations Resume/CV/Letters of Intent Preparation Women in Salary Negotiations Nuts & Bolts of Publishing

1.3.5. Academic Guides Academic Research Academic Research Integrity Qualitative Analysis Quantitative Analysis Software Programs for Data Analysis Using Technology in Data Analysis Academic Writing Thesis/Dissertation 101: From Concept to Execution Critical Reading and Annotation Skills Editing and Revision Strategies Literature Reviews The Research Question Proposal Development Planning the Dissertation Project Style Manuals (APA, Chicago, MLA) Tips for building reference pages using MS Word Writing for Funding Writing the Abstract

1.3.6. Funding Resources GPSA Funding Assistantships Grants and Scholarships Fellowships

1.3.7. Campus Resources UNM Catalog Student Housing Ombuds Dispute Resolution

1.4. Shared Knowledge Conference

1.4.1. Submit a Proposal 3 Minute Thesis Competition Student Film Showcase Creative Performance Poster, Art, Model Exhibit Open Format Presentaiton Traditional Oral Presentation

1.4.2. Presenter Development Online Resources Presenter Development Workshops Proposal Development Assistance

1.4.3. Prizes

1.4.4. Travel Information Directions to UNM Hotel Accommodations

1.4.5. Partners & Sponsors Partners Graduate Professional Student Association (GPSA) Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color (PNMGC) McNair/ROP University College - Center for Academic Excellence & Leadership Development Graduate Studies Dean of Students Sponsors Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color Graduate Studies University College & University Honors ENLACE Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

2. Center for Teaching Excellence

2.1. Events

2.1.1. Success in the Classroom

2.1.2. Workshops

2.1.3. Get Set/Reset

2.2. Services

2.2.1. Consultations

2.2.2. MAPS

2.2.3. Customized Workshops

2.2.4. Learning Studio Classrooms

2.3. Awards/Grants

2.3.1. Teaching Awards

2.3.2. TEG

2.3.3. Teaching Fellows Program

2.3.4. Susan Deese-Roberts Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

2.4. Teaching Assistant Resource Center (TARC)

2.4.1. Informatics 583

2.4.2. Teaching Workshops

2.4.3. Individual consultations

2.4.4. International Teaching Assistant Training

3. Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color

3.1. Mentorship Program

3.1.1. Mentor Application

3.1.2. Mentee Application

3.1.3. Mentor Orientation Information

3.1.4. Mentor Resources

3.1.5. Mentee Resources

3.1.6. Mentoring Toolshed

3.1.7. UNM's Mentoring Institute

3.1.8. Cluster Mentorship Workshop

3.1.9. Mentorship Meet n' Greet

3.2. Academic Development

3.2.1. New Visions Research Colloquium

3.2.2. Pre-Finals Homework Club

3.3. Leadership Initiative

3.3.1. Leadership Retreat

3.4. Social Connections

3.4.1. Homework and a Movie

3.5. Funding

3.5.1. Funding Request Form

3.5.2. Kaplan Funding

3.6. Faculty of Color Awards

3.6.1. Mentorship

3.6.2. Research

3.6.3. Service

3.6.4. Teaching

3.6.5. Teaching Assistant

3.6.6. Staff

3.6.7. Ally

3.6.8. All-Around

3.6.9. Lifetime Achievement

4. Academic Integrity & Research Ethics

4.1. What is Academic Integrity?

4.2. Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

4.3. Academic Integrity Tutorial

4.4. Academic Integrity Tool Kit

4.4.1. Tips and Strategies for Promoting Academic Integrity and RCR For Faculty and Staff For Students

4.4.2. What to Do When Things Go Wrong For Faculty and Staff For Students

4.4.3. Resources UNM Resources Anderson School of Management Center for Academic Program Support College of Education Faculty Handbook Graduate Resource Center Graduate Studies External Resources Arizona State University Graduate School International Center for Academic Integrity Council of Graduate Schools National Institutes of Health Research Integrity National Science Foundation (NSF) Purdue Online Writing Lab University of Missouri WICHE, Best Practice Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Education, Version 2.0

4.4.4. Sample Syllabus Statements and Assignments on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Syllabi Blurbs Assignments

4.5. Academic Integrity Media

4.5.1. On Being a Scientist

4.5.2. The National Academies - On Being a Scientist

4.6. Useful Links

4.7. UNM Scientific Integrity Plan

4.8. Ethics Organizations

4.8.1. Institute for Ethics UNM's Health Sciences Center

4.8.2. New Mexico Ethics Alliance

4.9. RCR Certification

4.10. Research Compliance at UNM

4.10.1. Biohazard Compliance Office

4.10.2. BioSafety: UNM Safety and Risk Services

4.10.3. Conflicts of Interest (COI), Main Campus

4.10.4. Conflicts of Interest (COI), Health Sciences Center

4.10.5. Export Control

4.10.6. Industrial Security

4.10.7. Human Research Protections Office

4.10.8. Office of Animal Care and Compliance

4.10.9. Radiation Safety

4.10.10. University Counsel: Research and Technology Law Group

4.10.11. Compliance Policies E110: Conflicts of Interest in Research E80: Conflicts of Interest Waiver Policy for Technology Transfer E70: Intellectual Property Policy E40: Research Misconduct Policy E90: Human Beings as Subjects in Research Policy E100: Policy Concerning Use of Animals

5. Graduate Student Funding Initiative