What to do in Ottawa

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What to do in Ottawa by Mind Map: What to do in Ottawa

1. Scenic Drives

1.1. Downtown

1.1.1. Byward Market Eat Beaver Tails Souveniers Maple Syrup Aboriginal Funny Candiana Get a custom made shirt at Bang On T-Shirts

1.1.2. Christmas Lights

1.1.3. Parliament Hill

1.2. China Town

1.3. Little Italy

1.4. Gatineau Park

1.4.1. Hiking trails

2. Sites

2.1. Pariliament

2.1.1. Changing of the gaurds July and August

2.1.2. Free tours every hour

2.1.3. Question period

2.2. Shopping

2.2.1. Westboro Outdoor gear boutique shops Organic

2.2.2. Rideau Shopping Centre Main Downtown Mall Apple Store

2.2.3. Byward Market

2.2.4. Bank Street

2.2.5. Outlet mall in Kanata

2.3. Gatineau Park

2.4. Casino Lac Lemy

2.5. Jack Pine Trail

2.5.1. Feed birds from your hand

2.6. Parliament Building

2.6.1. Free tour Every hour on the hour

2.6.2. Free outdoor light show at night

2.7. Park Omega

2.7.1. One-hour drive

2.7.2. Drive through park with moose and other large Canadian animals

2.8. Art Gallery

2.9. Museum of Civilization

2.9.1. Now called the Canadian history museum

2.9.2. Most popular museum in Canada

2.10. War Museum

2.11. Museum of Nature

2.12. Museum of Aviation

2.13. Le Nordik Spa

2.13.1. Series of hot pools, outdoor, sauna wet/dry, relaxation rooms, massage, restaurant

3. Activities

3.1. Baking

3.1.1. Baklava

3.2. Geocaching

3.3. Hanging out with Ruby

3.4. Watching old home movies on a film projector

3.5. Kareoke

3.5.1. Play Sing Star PlayStation

3.5.2. Go out to a Kareoke bar One on Elgin Street Heron Road Queen Street

3.6. Visit the office

3.6.1. Majeed's Office Invest Ottawa Learning Tree

3.6.2. Brent's Orthodontic Clinic

3.7. Rideau Canal

3.7.1. Longest Skating Ring in the world

3.7.2. Frozen over and leveled off by a zamboni

3.8. Go to church in French

3.9. Games

3.9.1. Salad Bowl Taboo meets Chirades

3.9.2. Settlers of Catan 1 hour strategy board game

3.10. Snow Activities

3.10.1. Skiing Down Hill Cross Country

3.10.2. Snow Shoeing Free Rentals

3.10.3. Build A Snow Man

4. Food

4.1. Museum of Science and Technology

4.2. Restaurants

4.2.1. East India Food Company Buffet

4.2.2. Baker Street Best Brunch

4.2.3. Newport World Headquarters of the Elvis Sighting Society Great Pizza

4.2.4. Parliament Pub

4.2.5. Le Mason

4.2.6. All you eat sushi

4.2.7. Tucker's a market Buffet

4.3. Unique Foods

4.3.1. Poutine Fries with cheese curds and gravy

4.3.2. Beaver Tails

4.3.3. Tim Hortons The coffee shop of choice in Canada Drip coffee and doughnuts

4.4. Meals

4.4.1. Persian Food Halva Baklava Haleem (eggplant dip) Baba Ganoush Vegetarian Fessen June

4.5. Dinner at Iris and Angelbert