Reporting Framework

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Reporting Framework by Mind Map: Reporting Framework

1. Project

1.1. Outcomes

1.1.1. Evaluation conducted Yes Project-level evaluation Activity-level evaluation No

1.2. Grantee Type

1.2.1. Public Locale GIS PLS data Manual entry

1.2.2. SLAA

1.2.3. School School Type K-12 Institution of higher education

1.2.4. Academic Locale GIS IPEDS data Manual entry

1.2.5. Special Locale GIS Manual entry

1.2.6. Consortia Locale GIS Manual entry

1.2.7. Other Locale GIS Manual entry

1.3. Intent

1.3.1. Subject

1.3.2. Activity Instruction Mode Partner Type Beneficiary Content Mode Partner Type Planning & Evaluation Mode Partner Type Procurement Service Level Partner Type