Anthony Giquinto

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Anthony Giquinto by Mind Map: Anthony Giquinto

1. Jeans

1.1. 5 months

1.1.1. Cotton plant I would patch up and sew a jacket and give it a scaled-like texture.

2. Socks

2.1. 7 months

2.1.1. cotton plant I will make the socks into sock puppets for child amusement (after washing thouroughly)

3. Cup

3.1. 1 day

3.1.1. oil I would cut the cup and put eyes on the top making an octopus for kid crafts

4. glass door

4.1. 10 years

4.1.1. sand I would take the glass, bring it to a smith where he could use the darkened glass for pottery

5. Folder

5.1. 1 year

5.1.1. oil Make into a bird with paper and eyes and call it a kids craft

6. Cars

6.1. 8 years

6.1.1. oil/alliminum I would bring the car to a enginereer where he culd scavenge for parts and see what could be used for machinery

7. Dial (locker type)

7.1. 12 years

7.1.1. oil I would take the old dial and paint it a color for my sisters barbies as an accessorie (like dress)

8. shoe

8.1. 2 years

8.1.1. Cow I would take the shoe and since the inside sealants water proof, use it as fish catcher

9. paper bag

9.1. 1 day

9.1.1. tree I will reuse the bag for lunch the next day instead of throwing it out after 1 use

10. Backpack

10.1. 4 years

10.1.1. Cow Use inside as a fish tank ( if you didnt know theres a thin transparent wall that u can use)

11. Ski

11.1. 12 years

11.1.1. sand I would take the fiber glass and fragment it making winter decorations (sparkles)

12. Ski poles

12.1. 12 years

12.1.1. aliminum I would smelt down the aliminum and use it to make silverware

13. hand sanetizer pump

13.1. 2 months

13.1.1. oil I would refill the pump and use it for another 2 months

14. Napkin

14.1. 1 day

14.1.1. tree I would use half of the napkin for one day and use the other half the next day

15. shampoo bottle

15.1. 8 weeks

15.1.1. I would refill the bottle by disolving bar soap and reuse the soap

16. hamper

16.1. 5 years

16.1.1. tree I would deconstruct half the hamper using the bottom for a little basket

17. Pot

17.1. 10 years

17.1.1. aliminum I would smelt down the metal and craft the metal into silverware

18. oven

18.1. 20 years

18.1.1. 18 gauge metal I would break down the metal and make silver ware or pots

19. stove

19.1. 20 years

19.1.1. 18 gauge metal I would break down the metal and make pots or silverware

20. microwave

20.1. 20 years

20.1.1. oil I would smelt the inner plastic and use it for utensils or tooth brushes

21. Sheets

21.1. 5 years

21.1.1. cotton plant I would use it for a tent for a child in the living room or toga for a brothers fun

22. toothpaste tube

22.1. 3 weeks

22.1.1. oil I will make sure to get every little drop out of the tube and not to waste as much toothpaste. I will also use a pea sized amount rather than a dime amount

23. Q-tips

23.1. 1 day

23.1.1. cotton plant I will make sure to use one every night instead of using 1 in the morning and night

24. Furniture

24.1. 3 years

24.1.1. tree/coton plant I would take my old furniture and take the cushion's stuffing and have a family member sew another BIG pillow

25. Desk

25.1. 1 year

25.1.1. oil I would take the desk and turn it into a childs boat toy

26. Chair

26.1. 1 year

26.1.1. oil instead of trashing the chair I would refine the oiled surface and use it another year

27. Keyboard

27.1. 8 years

27.1.1. oil I would create a computer based recycled material art project with it

28. Mouse

28.1. 8 years

28.1.1. oil I would create a childs crafting activity by making a mouse out of the simple computer mouse

29. Monitor

29.1. 8 years

29.1.1. oil I would take the monitor screen and use the frame as a kids play tv (fake)

30. Computer hard-drive

30.1. 8 years

30.1.1. 18 gauge metal I would take all workable parts from the drivers and make them into workable desk clock