Brianna Chicarelli

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Brianna Chicarelli by Mind Map: Brianna Chicarelli

1. Pillow

1.1. Cotton

1.1.1. 10 years You could it as a dog bed.

2. Shirt

2.1. Cotton

2.1.1. 2 years You could use the fabric to make cloth napkins.

3. Socks

3.1. Cotton

3.1.1. 1 year You could make them into hand puppets.

4. Purse

4.1. Cow

4.1.1. 6 months You could take the purse to the beach and collect seashells in it.

5. Hairbrush

5.1. Oils

5.1.1. 1 year You could use it as a dog brush.

6. Napkins

6.1. Trees

6.1.1. 2 months You could use cloth napkins to eliminate the waste of trees.

7. Dog Leash

7.1. Oils

7.1.1. 5 years You could use it a jump rope.

8. Remote

8.1. Oils

8.1.1. 5 years You could use a single universal remote for everything to reduce the number that you will eventually have to replace.

9. Apple Juice

9.1. Apples

9.1.1. 2 weeks You could use the container as a flower vase.

10. Slippers

10.1. Cotton

10.1.1. 1 year You could let your dog use them as chew toys.

11. Dinner Plate

11.1. Clay

11.1.1. 5 years You could smash it, collect the pieces, and create a mosiac.

12. Chapstick

12.1. Beeswax

12.1.1. 3 months You could use the container to organize string, like the kind you use to make bracelets.

13. Plastic Utensils

13.1. Oils

13.1.1. 6 months You could wash them and reuse them.

14. Clock

14.1. Oils

14.1.1. 3 years You could use the clocks built into things you already have, like ovens, microwaves, and cell phones, to reduce the extra ones.

15. Binders

15.1. Oils

15.1.1. 1 year You could use it as a photo album, or as a phone book.

16. Bed

16.1. Steel

16.1.1. 10 years You could use the frame to create new furniture, for example cutting it down and using it as a base for a glass top end table.

17. Perfume

17.1. Oils

17.1.1. 1 year You could use the bottles as decorations in your room.

18. Kitchen Table

18.1. Trees

18.1.1. 10 years You could use it as a craft table for kids in the basement or play room.

19. Lanyard

19.1. Oils

19.1.1. 1 year You could keep it as memorabilia, like put it in a scrapbook.

20. Jewelry

20.1. Silver

20.1.1. 20 years You could take the beads and clasps off of your old, broken, or outdated jewelry to make new jewelry.

21. Sheets

21.1. Cotton

21.1.1. 5 years You could use them for painting, like lay them on the floor.

22. Magazine

22.1. Trees

22.1.1. 1 month You could use it to cut pictures and words out to make a collage.

23. Silverware

23.1. Steel

23.1.1. 5 years You could bend and twist them to make them into art.

24. Plastic Cups

24.1. Oils

24.1.1. 1 month You could use it to collect change in.

25. Sauce

25.1. Tomatoes

25.1.1. 1 month You could use the leftovers to make a pizza.

26. Retainer

26.1. Oils

26.1.1. 5 years You could wear your retainer often so that you won't have to replace it ever.

27. Granola Bar

27.1. Whole grain wheat

27.1.1. 2 weeks Instead of throwing it away once it gets stale, you could break it up and add it to your yogurt with some fruit to make a parfait.

28. Tooth Brush

28.1. Oils

28.1.1. 3 months You could use it for cleaning purposes, like for scrubbing toilets or floors.

29. Towels

29.1. Cotton

29.1.1. 3 years You could use them more than once or twice before washing it, and use it longer.

30. Paper

30.1. Trees

30.1.1. 1 month You could use all possible space on both sides of the paper to reduce how much paper you use.