6D Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

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6D Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings by Mind Map: 6D Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

1. ya we could stand up for people and never just be a by stander take part .

1.1. If you see someone getting bullied you have to have the courage to not be a bystander and stick up for the person getting bullied

2. i daydream about a whole land made up of candy and chocolate and pop and all good things you can eat

2.1. i daydream of abunch of cany and getting to eat

2.2. a lot of candy

3. I day dream of bacon floating around

3.1. i wonder if school would be to hours longer

3.1.1. I wonder how long school be in the future? it will probably be the same length i think. it will probably be the same length i think.

4. when i go to heaven and meet God

4.1. one day obama will not be president

5. stand up for people if they are having a bad day or if they are being bulleyed! Its all a part of courage!

5.1. everybody should ask a person if they had a bad or good day to to cheer them more. Everybody needs a friend to have.

6. ill admit i used to cheat

6.1. I should be honest about getting my homework done BTW i dont do that anymore

6.2. If you cheat on tests, you are not doing yourself any good. You are not learning anything:)

6.3. just do not cheat u will get in truble

6.4. Be honist and nothin bad will happen

6.5. Don't cheat on tests then you have nothing to worry about

6.6. if u cheat u get an f and that is really back don't cheat

6.7. I have really never even thought about cheating. It is not the right thing to do anyway:) don;t even try!

6.8. If you cheat u get a 0 and you will go to DS

6.9. If you cheat it will do you no good in the furture

6.10. i think it will just ruin your chance of getting a better score

6.11. I totally agree!!! if you try to cheat, everyone or a teacher will find out anyway!!!

7. courage

7.1. i need to have more courage about talking to people

7.2. I think that to! sometimes I don't really say what I really think.

7.3. i know right i just never have the courage to do anything........

7.4. Ya! If someone has a bad day then help them or stand up for themhhh

7.5. just stand up for what u belive in and if u get teased o well u said what u wanted to say and chanes are som peple are thinkung the same thing

7.6. I think that if somene is being mean to you or a friend, you need to tell someone! don't be afraid to stand up for you or that person!

7.6.1. You always need to tell an adult if someones being mean Me too Iagree because its not right for them to get bullied for no reason because ussually they do't deserve it

7.7. to have the courage to talk to older people

8. I don't understand the need to "rethink" an idea.

9. How could anything be bottomless?

9.1. n

9.2. something that never ended

9.3. it would not have a bottom

9.4. Well bottomless means like never ending.

9.5. the people who made it would have to keep making it

9.6. nothing can be bottomless because it has to stop some time because the Earth ends.

9.6.1. But what if you are in space and you get lost?

10. What do I daydream about?

10.1. CANDY!!!!

10.2. cars

10.2.1. i wonder if i get a car in the future

10.3. B ball

10.4. soccer

10.5. ice cream

10.5.1. Cookies and Cream. MMMMMMM

10.6. football

10.7. The future!!!

10.8. Making money

10.8.1. If i will be rich or poor

10.9. I day dreamabout what willhappen later in the day.

10.10. airsoft

10.10.1. How i could be a pro football player

10.10.2. christmas i think at how big of buck i will shoot all sorts of sports family

10.11. football

10.12. Pro basketball

10.13. superheroes

10.13.1. any kind of sports

10.14. I daydream about heaven and what its like

10.15. how i will be an austronaut

10.15.1. i think about what will happend at the end of the year

10.15.2. what i will look like in 15 years my b day and after school i like to daydream about De Zoete Winkle

10.15.3. What the U.S. will be like in 20 years

10.16. superheroes

10.17. i day dream on being a super hero and saving people

10.18. How I'm gonna act or look like that

10.19. How long I will live

10.19.1. If every one likes bacon

10.19.2. i hope i live to be 100

10.20. Pizza Ranch!!!

10.21. blue bunny ice cream

10.22. what would happen next in the book i am reading

10.23. i

10.24. what book was it

11. How do I wonder fiercely?

12. i dream about having super powers and saving people