6C Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

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6C Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings by Mind Map: 6C Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

1. going to Arizona

1.1. the suckers are crunchy n

2. i don't understand that and why we need to read.

2.1. I think it depends on what your reading you know... so like if your reading about writing... the point of reading it, is suppose to give you good ideas... a good thing to write about.. to get you pumped up.....!

3. i dream about luscious pie

4. cool

4.1. soccer on a rainy day

4.2. eating pie

4.3. fun becuase you can slip and slide

4.4. driving a combine

4.5. goin to a pie eating contest

4.5.1. yum

5. bravery

5.1. Facing your fears...!

6. You should be honest to your parents.

6.1. to be nice and honesty and be very

6.1.1. Listen.. dont talk back.. and do as they say...*.*

7. cheating on a test wrong!

7.1. you are right

7.2. Yeah cheating on a test is bad

7.2.1. u are right

7.3. cheating is just like staring at someones buisness

7.4. yes that's not the right thing to do :)


7.6. cheating on a test is wrong? .......oops

7.7. i wrote

8. awesome

8.1. You wanna know whats awsome me DUDES

8.1.1. Family...? Just guessing*.*

9. kind


9.1.1. Keeping hurtful things to your self... ^.^

10. honesty

10.1. Nice

10.1.1. Don't lie!

10.2. treat people how you want to be treated.

10.3. honesty?

10.4. caring

10.5. Cool

10.6. having more than one pair or shoes and some people have none

10.7. how did swearing start? what?

10.7.1. woops how did swearing start is wrong

10.7.2. bunch of asian people That was racist THAT IS NOT NICE!!!!!!!!!!!


10.9. telling or saying only good things to people

10.10. my feelings

11. courage

11.1. stand up for what is right

11.2. doing what is right

11.3. stand for others and encourage

12. I don't understand the need to "rethink" an idea.

13. How could anything be bottomless?

13.1. There is no ending!

13.2. does it ever end

13.3. how can there be eternal darkness?

13.4. beats me

13.5. It never end and you can drown

13.6. hi

13.7. better know how to swim

13.8. never ending

13.9. um i don't know

13.10. they do exest like black holes

13.11. i don't know

13.12. I dont bulieve in black holes nething can be bottomless in my mind

13.12.1. except the universe is bottomless

13.13. hello down their

13.14. I'm not sure what a black hole does?

13.15. o boy thats a big hole

14. i day dream about basketball

14.1. I day dream about Drew

14.1.1. ya i hope he is doing ok me too

14.1.2. nice calire

14.2. I dream about wining for my team on football

14.3. My future

14.3.1. Same here I just start planning my future.. and I hope it turns out well!!

14.4. i dream about dancing

14.5. i day dream about dance.

14.6. pie

14.7. My freinds and stuff

14.8. girls girls

14.9. i wish i dreamed about dancing

14.10. My grandma:)

14.11. I dream about being an awesome quarterback

14.12. volleyball

14.13. I dream about Karli

14.13.1. aww chad

14.13.2. wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooowwwww chad

14.14. wow chad

14.14.1. i dream a bout jaydrien

14.15. wow

15. this is the best

15.1. This so cool

15.2. amazement

15.3. football

15.4. i have to agree with you on that one

15.4.1. yea football is the best

15.5. sports

15.5.1. ALLDAY football all day

16. Never be a bully to other

17. What is the point of bullying...? It gets you know where!