6B Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

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6B Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings by Mind Map: 6B Chapter 2: Fierce Wonderings

1. me to you could get cought and get in big trouble

2. i daydream about having a play station four.

3. (^^^)

4. i think that our dreams are bottomless because they never end

4.1. true i wish we could live in dreams

4.2. have you ever been trapped in a dream it feels amazing and i feel lost and no worries

4.2.1. me to i dream big

5. something could be bottomless, space is

6. I

6.1. me to

6.2. you got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.3. i agree

7. I do kyle

7.1. i do to

8. when someone encourages i feel better

9. courage takes strength and when they trust in theirselves

10. its good to have courage sometimes

11. me to

12. if you are not honest about your work you could cheat

12.1. i thing cheating is so bad

12.1.1. so do i

13. honesty makes others trust you more

13.1. yes it is!

13.2. i think so too

14. i like when people encourage either

15. i sometimes daydream about things that bother me about the things that could come worst out of a bad situation or i over react in my mind

16. well I don't

17. it couldn't it is just they haven't found the botttom yet

18. you should be honest about your work

18.1. That's when you should be the most honest

18.2. There are alot of consequences to unhonesty. I think we should all be honest

18.3. if your honest about your work nobody will get mad at you and you can forget about it.

19. being honest is VERY important!

19.1. yes it is

20. it is importnat to be honest

20.1. and if you cheat you should be honest about it

20.2. if your not honest, you might get in a lot of trouble and I think that everybody here might think that's important to :)

20.3. If your honest you wont need to remember what you said later on.

20.4. if you aren't honest about something you did wrong and someone finds out you will be in even more trouble if someone finds out about it and you didn't tell them the truth in the first palce.

20.5. yes it is

20.6. when you want to tell somebody about somebody that is bulling

20.7. when you want to tell somebody about somebody that is bulling

20.8. if your not honest, people won't respect you as much as they do now

20.9. if your not honest, people won't respect you as much

21. i dream about traping

21.1. i do too

22. honesty

22.1. i like to be honest and you should too.

22.1.1. you have to be honest duringtests

22.2. honesty is a great thing for people to have

22.3. you should be honest about everything not just work

22.4. i am ok that i am honest

22.5. honesty is not only in the right thing to do its what GOD wants you to do he says its right in the bible be honest i admit ive lied before we all have and i have had concequesces and my friends have gotton mad i made a mistake we all do im not saying its ok im saying we need to do all we can to be honest i apologized for whatever i was unhonest about i repented to GOD he will forgive you fro what you've done repent pray if you dont know how to do that talk to me and if you dont know who i am just look at how much ive written

22.6. you should be honest in every thing even if you don't want to get trouble

22.7. you should be honest in every thing even if you don't want to get trouble

22.8. you should be honest in every thing even if you don't want to get trouble

22.9. Honesty is important unless you are in a death situation. If you've read The Hunger Games you'd agree with me. If you're honest, you might get killed

22.10. honesty is the best thing you can do

22.11. if your honest nothing bad will happen

23. courage

23.1. some people don't feel that way.

23.2. i like when people encourage people

23.3. it is good to encourage to other people is good because it halps them be a better person

24. I don't understand the need to "rethink" an idea.

24.1. some ideas don't make sense it you rethink them you can realize they don't make sense and change them

24.2. an idea is is really something to think and rethink analizining your idea is an important thing to do its like anilizing you writing the only difference is one is on paper and one is in tour mids

25. How could anything be bottomless?

25.1. its hard to understand is there no end is nothing happening in the world are we all in a pause or time lope but its hard to understand how anything could be like that the bible is a resource to use ill look it up when i go home

25.2. it could go through the earth and be a deep hole and reach the other side

25.2.1. Yes, i always think that I'm going to fall through the earth! I know right me to or at least of cliffs i would love to fall into a bottoless pit

25.2.2. ?

25.2.3. me to

26. i think everything is aventually bottomlesss

27. What do I daydream about?

27.1. I day dream about sleeping

27.1.1. i day dream about candy yes

27.2. i do too

27.3. me too

27.3.1. i day dream about aubrey

27.4. i dream to be a famous person

27.4.1. me too!!!

27.5. I dream about many things like food and sleeping

27.5.1. i dream about nothing me too me too that's not good

27.6. i dream aboutvideo games

27.7. some times i day dream about my future and what i want to do like i want to play for the oregon ducks then get drafted to the NFL

27.8. i daydream about food

27.8.1. i daydream about a land made of candy

27.9. I day dream about what i will be doing when i get to be an adult

27.10. i daydream about having a play station four.

27.11. i daydream about having a play station four.

27.12. i daydream about how we can change the world

27.12.1. ya i day dream about world peace

27.12.2. I that is awesome

27.12.3. me too :)

27.13. i day dream aobut playing for the bulls

28. i daydream about animals and clothes

29. nothing can be bottomless

29.1. it can't be bottomless no matter how deep it is.

29.2. outer space can be bottomless, and so can feelings. but things on earth are only bottomless if

30. How do I wonder fiercely?

30.1. i wonder about things that are bad in life

30.1.1. same here i hate those feelings

31. people should also be nice and kind

31.1. I agree