Shontell Brown EDU648 Input versus Output Devices

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Shontell Brown EDU648 Input versus Output Devices by Mind Map: Shontell Brown EDU648   Input versus Output Devices

1. Monitors are important to the learning environment because it allows students to visualize their input; creating documents, producing images, and connecting with programs. Monitors can also be used to connect to other students through the use of webcastings like Skype.

2. The disadvantage of the computer monitor in a learning environment is that they are fragile and if misued, can be very expensive to replace.

3. The computer monitor is an output device that "displays information on the screen" (Lever-Duffy & McDonald, 2011, p. 119).

4. The keyboard is important to learning because "of the prevalence of computer technology in schools and in society in general, many schools now require their students to have keyboarding competencies before they leave elementary school" (Lever-Duffy & McDonald, 2011, p. 117)

5. The benefits associated with using a keyboard in the classroom is it allows for shortcut commands to be used instead of the mouse (another input device).

6. Keyboard is an input device that looks much like a typewriter but has "several additional keys not found on a typewriter...which are to control the computer or give software command" (Lever-Duffy & 2011, p. 117).

7. Input devices are "any computer peripheral that you might use to enter data into a computer" (Lever-Duffy & 2011, p. 117).

8. The disadvantage of the keyboard is that it requires learners to know how to type and memorize keyboard commands.

9. Output devices are "the pieces of hardware that move information (data that have been processed) out of a computer" (Lever-Duffy & McDonald, 2011, p. 119).

10. The advantages to the computer monitor is it allows viewing of was is inputted into the computer. It also allows for different resolutions to be used to adjust to different programs.