Week 10 What are examples of Transformative Experiences? By Gayle, Meghan & Lauren

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Week 10 What are examples of Transformative Experiences? By Gayle, Meghan & Lauren by Mind Map: Week 10 What are examples  of Transformative Experiences? By Gayle, Meghan & Lauren

1. "AHA" Moment

1.1. Mary Leah deZwart

1.1.1. felt apprehensive about giving “control” over to students for weekly discussions, she wondered if students would get the same out of the readings; she has seen how sharing self reflections along with personal and professional experiences have been educative and possibly transformative.

1.2. AnnaLee Parnetta

1.2.1. is contemplating her approach to teaching in her classroom upon her return from mat. leave; assessment and transformative pedagogy are top on her list of things she wants to change.

1.3. Ayala Johnson

1.3.1. has been doing some extra-curricular reading that had her thinking like a Home Economist, she has opened her eyes to new ways of looking at research and methodology; this has her thinking of her biology driven sustainability in an new light.

1.4. Amy Parkinson

1.4.1. has kept most the underpinnings of her teaching philosophy and pedagogy constant but has noticed a shift in the language she uses, and is contemplating more global issues, all the while reflecting on her practice.

1.5. Caroline Sykes

1.5.1. has had several aha moments since beginning the HEEL program, which has allowed her to reflect deeply on her teaching practice, and she is looking at how she creates authentic relationships with students.

1.6. Jennifer Thys

1.6.1. reflected on personal relationships that she creates with her students in the little chats outside of class time that make a big difference.

1.7. Kendra Henderson

1.7.1. her aha moment comes from early in her teaching career, when she was on the sub-list, she realized that she loved working with teenagers because of the relationships that she can foster; upon re-reading her “self study” she expressed some concern with close connections and professionalism, but has long since dismissed that thought.

1.8. Karen MacIsaac

1.8.1. began her post with a quote; she discusses some of the elements that influence student experience in our classrooms.

1.9. Michelle Gau

1.9.1. remembered a teaching moment from her 5th year of teaching, when she was asked to address the graduating class from her school; this experience had her reflect preferential treatment and the connection she makes with students.

1.10. Nicole Lazier

1.10.1. has had a few aha moments in her 10 years of teaching; one such aha was a tender moment shared between her and a class after a Remembrance Day assembly.

2. Self Study

2.1. Amber Hampe

2.1.1. her philosophical underpinnings have not changed as much as her life has; she has moved, had a baby and is in a new school.

2.2. Diane Parr

2.2.1. made a chart to describe the changes she has made since joining the Heel program; her recipe includes building a safe learning environment, collaborating with colleagues, and active listening.

2.3. Dean Crouse

2.3.1. re-reading his self-study and reflecting on his world travel has him thinking of his plans for a Humanities and Travel program.

3. Visual Representation

3.1. Mary Elizabeth Diane O'Shea

3.1.1. made a pizap to illustrate the different stages of her teaching and how she has progressed as a teacher before her degree, teaching in a high school and how she has been teaching since joining the HEEL program.

3.2. Joe Tong & Kelsey Kwong

3.2.1. “showed” us all how to look at a seemingly simple child’s toy in a multitude of different ways; how it can be used to foster deep discussions on a wide variety of topics

3.3. Sarah Williams

3.3.1. made a pizap which is a beautiful glimpse into life in the north, she refelects on how life changing the last two and a half years have been for her and the family, and how intertwined the northern and Heel experiences have been.

3.4. Kelli Wolfe-Enslow

3.4.1. made a pizap to illustrate her connection from the weekly readings to her transformation as a teacher, she is showing her strength and determination while we are coming to the end of the Heel program.

3.5. Lorraine Dulder

3.5.1. made a thought provoking pizap to illustrate the critical refection she has been up to, and thinking of the changes in her teaching with regards to her return from mat leave.

4. Week 10 Powerpoint