Dorset Review

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Dorset Review by Mind Map: Dorset Review

1. Core 1

1.1. The Four Vectors through which a brand Emerges

1.1.1. Core Idea Products Environment Behavior When we talk about behavior what are we referring to? The business behavior? As in how the business interacts with the Followers? I shared your story with my seven-year old grandson Henry. He giggled out loud when he heard the names. He immediately brought up Kung Fu Panda. His mind went to puppets, videos, stuffed animals, games of wisdom, etc. He regularly meditates with my son and he is no stranger to zen, yoga, etc. He created a logo that looks like your meditating dog picture but his meditating dog is balancing on a long tail. Communication Combine all of above = Brand Logic Books Division Best Graphic Design Brand thinking Elmo Sesame Street: Kermit And Elmo Discuss Happy And Sad Interviews logic A blog for the ladies - glove and boots Taglines For fly page of books, embroidered on clothing. bags, merchandise etc Memorable + Unique

1.2. Logo

1.2.1. Pick Graphic Designer Bloor or Brian Hollinsworth Post on Graphic design site Design briefs already online must be willing to sign over the rights of their final designs of characters/web to myself. Fly page of books/embroidered on clothing/bags/Merchandise