Strategies Used By Organizations

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Strategies Used By Organizations by Mind Map: Strategies Used By Organizations

1. Grand or Master: Long-Term plan of well organized thoughts and actions which a organization plans to achieve major objectives. For Example: Facebook

1.1. Stability: Keeps current operations without many changes. For Eample: Retail Firm

1.2. Renewal: Solves problems and any weaknesses that are harming the performance of the organization. For Example: Globe and Mail

1.3. Combination: Seeks one or more strategies at the same time; growth, stability, and retrenchment in some combination. For Example: Globe and Mail

2. Growth and Diversification Strategies: Expanding the organizations service

2.1. Concentration: The growth inside a related business area. For Example: Tim Hortons

2.2. Diversification: The growth of gaining/investing in a new business area.

2.3. Vertical Integration: The addition of traders/salespersons.

3. Restructuring and Divestiture: Changing the size of the organization

3.1. Turnaround: Attempts to fix any problems within the organization.

3.2. Downsizing: Decreases the size or organization.

3.3. Divestiture: Sells certain parts of the organization in order to focus more on an important topic within the business.

4. Global Strategies: An organizations strategy towards globalization

4.1. Globalization Strategy: Uses basic products and ideas for use internationally.

4.2. Multi-Domestic Strategy: Personalizes products to best suit/fit local needs within an area.

4.3. Transitional Strategy: Attempts to get both global efficiency and local responsiveness.

5. Co-operative Strategy: When two organizations join together.

5.1. Strategic Alliance: Organizations join together to seek a field of mutual activity.

5.2. Co-opetition: When two competing companies work together to complete a common goal that will benefit eachother.

6. E-Business Strategy: Uses internet to gain advantages against competitors

6.1. B2B Business Strategy: Uses IT and web portals to link organizations vertically with customers to supply chains.

6.2. B2C Business Strategy: Uses IT and web portals to link businesses with customers.