Financial Statements

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Financial Statements by Mind Map: Financial Statements

1. formal record of a company

1.1. Income

1.2. Expenses

2. Income Statement

2.1. Lost and Profit Statement

2.1.1. Operating Section Revenue and Expenses Regular Business Operation

2.1.2. Non Operating Section Revenue and Expenses Non Regular Business Operation

3. Balance sheet

3.1. Company's

3.1.1. Assest

3.1.2. Liabilities

3.2. Ownership equity

3.3. First part

3.3.1. Productive assest

3.4. Second part

3.4.1. Financing methods

4. Statement of Cash Flows

4.1. Flow of

4.1.1. Cash in

4.1.2. Cash out

5. Statement of Changes in Equity

5.1. Create by

5.1.1. Partnerships or Corporations Summarize Activity in the Equity accounts

6. Notes to the Financial Statement

6.1. Added to the End

6.1.1. More Information Debt Going Concern Accounts Contingent Liabilities Contectual Information Financial Numbers