Money Mangement

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Money Mangement by Mind Map: Money Mangement

1. Short Term Money Goals (1-10 years)

1.1. Buy a new Camera ($1000)

1.1.1. Goal: 1-2 years Start saving five dollars each time I recieve money.

1.2. Purchase a second-hand veichele ($2000-5000)

1.2.1. Goal: 5 years Start saving big checks/paychecks I receive.

1.3. Pay back my mom for my debts. ($50)

1.3.1. Goal: 2 months My first work paycheck will go towards this.

2. Long Term Money Goals (10+ years)

2.1. Pay off University. ($15,000 +)

2.1.1. Goal: 15 years Create an account at the bank that is only for school fees. Save large amounts of money.

2.2. Purchase a new car. ($20,000 +)

2.2.1. Goal: However long it takes t pay it off. Pay an amount each month towards paying it off.

3. Ways to Save Money

3.1. Deposit cheques right away

3.2. Start saving small amounts of money each time I earn money.

3.3. Pay off depts right away, instead of leaving them until they start to accumulate.