Project: Voice of the Living

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Project: Voice of the Living by Mind Map: Project: Voice of the Living

1. Stories

1.1. new

1.1.1. Izak Goldfinger story eng photos recent documents archive video eng press

1.1.2. Gita Koifman story eng rus photos recent archive video eng book rus press heb

1.1.3. Roman Jagiel book rus photos recent archive

1.1.4. Sergiey Sushon

1.2. published

2. MMA

2.1. Memory general outline

2.1.1. Main pages Home Page Website's landing page Share/Upload a story Memories/Stories Communities Ghettos & Camps Partner/Sponsor Sign In / Register About

2.1.2. Memories / Stories The section in which all the stories are stored User who wants to read/hear/see a story will be able to sort and filter the stories in many ways

2.1.3. Personal Memory/Story page The concept is very similar to social networks profile page. Each victim will have his own profile page Photo + general info - name, dates, locations, etc... Heritage + connections + family Comments "I remember" button Media videos Related/similar stories Partner/Sponsor button at the end of each story (refers to MMA website)

2.1.4. Communities List of all communities Can be sorted by - country, city, etc... This section will give general info about any community and stories/memories of people that been there will be available to read/hear/see

2.1.5. Ghettos & Camps List of all Ghettos & Camps - Can be sorted by - country, city, etc... This section will give general info about any Ghetto/camp and stories/memories of people that been there will be available to read/hear/see

2.2. Features

2.2.1. Memory page person photo personal details name, dates, locations relations summery + relations tab, family and linked people comments add "I Remember" button media videos, photos, audio sponsor/partner button at the end of each story to HHC GF

2.2.2. Communities map of communities and list

2.2.3. Community page focused map raw data general text description pages of stories

2.2.4. Add/Edit story like wikipedia

2.2.5. Sections about communities read a story add a story partner/sponsor reference to HHC GF sign in / register

2.2.6. Home page logo with the inscription HHC GF what we do + good picture random stories statistics related stories

2.2.7. Logistics Languages community text, maps and details

2.3. Website

2.3.1. Modules build Data Base Language outsorced Education Interactive Commercial Charity

2.3.2. Channels when WWII what War who Civilians Veterans Holocaust Survivors Refugees where Europe Asia Africa Americas

2.3.3. Mobile App to be developed in later stage Android Apple

2.4. Project

2.4.1. Logistics Process What? Who? Why? How? Where? When? Budget

2.4.2. Social penetration Victims of Holocaust Holocaust survivors stories Families involved Members of Supporting organizations Israeli volunteers overseas Jewish community Israel global Christian global communities Evangelical Catholic Orthodox Non-Christian global communities 2,000,000,000

2.4.3. Timetable Startup 2014 Stories 2015 2015 2016

2.4.4. Partners Israel State Museums Schools and Universities NGO's Organizations Municipalities IDF Global Media networks Christian networks NGOs Jewish communities

2.4.5. Purpose Integration of Jewish heritage Founders of the Jewish state Diaspora Integration Saving new stories Integration with existing data base Global promotion of Education about Holocaust Humanitarian projects related to Holocaust survivors