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2. Respect

2.1. Is aware and respectful of ones values, rights, and boundaries.

3. Honesty

3.1. Open about their thoughts and feelings towards a subject, thought, or action. Good communication.

4. Equality

4.1. The same amount of say in things you do, take part in, opportunities, and rights.

5. Trust

5.1. Reliable, and truthful without question; giving the benefit of the doubt.

6. Supportive

6.1. To be there through thick and thin. To cry or celebrate with. Providing encouragement or emotional help.

7. Good Communication

7.1. To be able to talk through disagreements without getting hot-headed. To be open with your significant other.

8. Helpful

8.1. They will be there to help you with your problems and help you figure them out.

9. Balence

9.1. To have time for yourself and your partner.

10. Commited

10.1. Take time to say hi, how are you etc. Dedicated to the relationship.

11. Fair

11.1. Equal says in the relationship; respect each others opinions.

12. Accountability

12.1. To be able to responsibilty for your actions/words withput having an arguement; to be

13. Friendship

13.1. Having base friendship is always good for a relationship; they are reliable, trustworthy, and friendly towards you and others.

14. Caring

14.1. Protecting, always there for you, and empathetic.