What Characteristics i need For a job

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What Characteristics i need For a job by Mind Map: What Characteristics i need For a job

1. Basic Computer Skills

1.1. Coding

1.1.1. 3D Art Photoshop

2. General Attributes

2.1. Written Communication Skills - Good writing skills is an attribute and fits in with creativity. It means you are able to project information in a fun and imaginative way, making things fun and more interesting to read

2.2. Planning Skills - Planning is a very useful skill to have in a working environment as it allows you to plan ahead of yourself and and be in control of your workload.

2.3. Time Management: Having good time management will allow you to dedicate time slots towards certain aspects of your work, allowing you to hit deadlines and to stay up to day and not under stress whilst working. This would be useful to employers for ovbious reasons as it means you are getting your workload for them done on time

2.4. Verbal Skills - Having good verbal skills will allow you to have the confidence to speak out to a group. Meaning you would be able to convey ideas and brainstorm with all members of the working force towards new ideas and developments.

3. Specific Attributes

3.1. Health and safety - Health and safety is needed in a work place as this is a basic law and needs to be held for the safety and wellbeing of the workers.

3.2. Working Attitudes - A working attitude in a work place is strongly required as employers want their employees to be dedecated towards their work and the place they're working in. This includes things like friendly social interaction with people and full dedication towards the job he/she are performing.

4. Attitudes

4.1. Confidence - Confidence is a very important attribute in a work place as employees are expected to speak out about new ideas which might be somewhat beneficial towards the business. In another aspect of being confident employers will also want their employees to feel confident in their line of work which means they will have less mistakes leading to less money spent as a whole.

4.2. Problem Solving - If a employee has problem solving skills then it will allow them to be more independent in their line of work, solving problems themselves and moving on wards without any trouble.

4.3. Dependable - Being dependable will gain you respect in the work place as people will be able to give you work without having to worry about you missing deadlines or messing up. If this remains consistent then there's a high chance you would receive something along the lines of a pay-rise or a higher position in the business.

4.4. Leadership - Being a good leader in a business is a powerful aspect as it will allow you to convince others to do better in their work.

4.5. Determined - Employees determined to do well in their job will be able to progress with ease whilst actually enjoying them self in the progress.

5. Game Developer

5.1. Creativity

5.1.1. Creativity is required of you from employers so that you can really bring something new to the table in this line of work. Allows you to be unique and create assetts valuable to the business/project.

5.2. Strong object orientated C / C++ development skills - A understanding of both this and art is required by employers so that you can really get a feel for creating a game.

5.3. Passionate about technology and delivering high quality code

5.4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Good verbal skills are needed by employers so that you can effectively

5.5. Artistic Skills

6. Communication

6.1. Language

6.2. The ability to project ideas to a large crowd.

6.3. Confidence

7. Qualification

7.1. Right Grades

7.1.1. Other Factors IT Job