Frameworks for Teaching, Learning and Technology

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Frameworks for Teaching, Learning and Technology by Mind Map: Frameworks for Teaching, Learning and Technology

1. SAMR Model

1.1. Four different aspects to SAMR, higher level learning and lower level learning

1.1.1. Redefinition ie: doing a research project and using several tech tools, making a video (youtube), blogging (google sites), etc. TRANSFORMATION

1.1.2. Modification ie: making a powerpoint presentation

1.1.3. Augmentation ie: doing a worksheet that a teacher found online ENHANCEMENT

1.1.4. Substitution ie: doing a worksheet

1.2. SAMR Diagram

1.2.1. Information and image retrieved from: "SAMR Model" October 14, 2013

1.3. Goal is to take learning to the Redefinition level

1.4. Alter assignments/tasks in the classroom to make them better AND use technology in a functional way

2. TPACK Model

2.1. Model which uses the three types of knowledge: content, pedagogical, and technology; and how they work together.

2.2. Content Knowledge: essentially "what to teach"

2.2.1. Pedagogical Content Knowledge: the teacher's ability to transform the content knowledge using their own pedagogy

2.3. Pedagogigal Knowledge: the "how to teach" of teaching

2.3.1. Technological Pedagogical Knowledge: A teacher's ability to use technology to ameliorate their teaching

2.4. Technological Knowledge: using technology to improve learning

2.4.1. Technological Content Knowledge: a teacher being able to use the best technology to approach the content matter in an appropriate and beneficial way

2.5. TPACK: is putting these all together to make teaching better and more effective using pedagogy, and technology to ameliorate the learning of the content matter

2.5.1. See the TPACK website for more information: Information retrieved from: "The Seven Components of TPACK" retrieved October 14, 2013

2.5.2. Image is rights free

3. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. How will I as an educator create a Philosophy of Teachnology?

3.1.1. What is it? My own pedagogical beliefs about how to use technology in the classroom Improve teaching and student learning!

3.2. Teachers can create assignments in the classroom based around their own philosophy of teachnology

3.2.1. Play on words from : philosophy of teaching, but adding technology

3.3. What would mine be?

3.3.1. Ameliorate learning by using technology to create new learning tasks in the classroom and ameliorate previous tasks through the use of technological tools and learning

4. 21st Century Learning

4.1. Foundational Knowledge

4.1.1. Content

4.1.2. Cross Disciplinary

4.1.3. Digital and Information Literacy

4.2. Meta Knowledge

4.2.1. Problem Solving/Critical Thinking

4.2.2. Communication/Collaboration

4.2.3. Creativity

4.3. Humanistic Knowledge

4.3.1. Future Skills

4.3.2. Cultural Competence

4.3.3. Ethical and Emotional Awareness

4.4. About helping students succeed in the 21st Century through incorporating technology into the classroom

4.4.1. require mastering of technology starts in the classroom

4.5. Want students to be able to adapt to their world and be functional and effective learners/students and eventually workers

4.6. digital citizenship