Technology Theories and Frameworks

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Technology Theories and Frameworks by Mind Map: Technology Theories and Frameworks

1. TPACK Combines the essential three types of knowledge a teacher must possess: • CK = Content knowledge (Curriculum) • PK = Pedagogical knowledge (Professional knowledge and best practices) • TK = Technological knowledge (how to use and apply technologies in a classroom environment). When you combine any two knowledge types they merge: • PK + CK = PCK = Pedagogical Content knowledge • TK + CK = TCK = Technological Content knowledge • TK + PK = TPK = Technological Pedagogical knowledge When you merge all knowledge types, what is created is deeper opportunity to explore knowledge: • CK + PK + TK = TPACK = Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge


3. 21st Century Learning

3.1. There are three types of knowledge a teacher can use each with it's own types of sub knowledge.

3.1.1. Foundational knowledge: Basic knowledge that is simular to the TPACK knowledge types, includes: Content knowledge, Digital information knowledge, and Cross disciplinary knowledge.

3.1.2. Meta Knowledge: Which encompasses higher thinking activities including: Problem solving, Communication/collaboration, and creativity.

3.1.3. Humanistic knowledge: Including: Life/job skills, Cultural competence, and Ethical, emotional awareness.

4. SAMR is a framework that describes the application of technologies to classroom activities in terms of the level of thinking required. It stands for: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinititon.

4.1. Substitution = Technology acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional change. i.e. Students print off a quiz, complete it and hand it in.

4.2. Augmentation = Technology acts a a direct tool substitute. i.e. Students complete an online quiz.

4.3. Modification = Technology allows for task redesign i.e. Write an essay and include links to videos or have an audio version of the essay to hand in.

4.4. Redefinition = Technology allows for the creation of new activities i.e. Students complete video interviews of local politicians to find answers to a social studies unit, there is no test.

5. Philosophy of Teachnology

5.1. Philosophy of Teachnology is the mindset that a teacher brings into the classroom in regards to how they will combine their professional knowledge and best practices to accomplish the curricular goals required while taking advantage of technologies available to deliver the content to students in meaningful, authentic, contemporary ways. My personal teachnology centres around the idea that my job as a teacher is not to prepare students for my past, but for their future. Therefore I must not teach students to use computers, that is only a small part of it. I must teach students to be open minded towards ever changing technologies and the possibilities they offer.