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Characteristics by Mind Map: Characteristics

1. Effective communication

1.1. Nobody will want to listen to you if you are half asleep or speak in a monotone way. So sounding alive will make people take your ideas in easier and will in turn make the rest of the office more motivated.

1.2. Listening to other people is a way that you can get a different view on things and make things better.

1.3. Other people require time to take control and to put their ideas into the mix. It will bring a different side to the table and possibly make it better.

2. Computer and technical literacy

2.1. Most businesses nowadays use computers so this is what you will probably required to know. More and more businesses are progressing to using computers for their business and if you don't know how to use a computer or they need to train you then they might not want you or hire you.

2.2. Be able to use simple programs such as work

2.3. Most things nowadays require or are made easier with he use of the internet. If you have had no use of the internet in your life then you may find it hard to adjust to the internet and use it to help you in your work.

3. Problem-solving/Creativity

3.1. Creative ideas is how a business stands out and if you come to the business with new ways of doing things or of something new then you will stand out and you will become a valued employee

4. Teamwork skills

4.1. Ability to work well with others is a vital thing to have on any project. Other people will make things easier to do and will have a whole set of ideas themselves so sitting doing things by yourself or not being able to work well with others will cause problems for you and problems for the office.

4.2. Taking advice from others is a way for you to get another persons view of what they think would be better. which could make whatever your making better.

5. Diversity sensitivity

5.1. Nobody wants to work with someone who cannot get on or work with people who are a different race just because they are from that race. Employers value this because there will be people in offices that are from different races and if you cannot work with someone then they won't want to hire you.

6. Planning and organizing

6.1. Being organised in a workplace means more work gets done and better work gets done and this is what employers want. They do not want to see a cluttered workspace and people not coming in on time.

7. Leadership and management

7.1. When people work in groups a lot more work gets done, more ideas come out and the office becomes a better place to work. Employers value this as that is what they want out their business.

7.2. When people can lead a group then people become organised plus more work gets done. It shows a sign of confidence and it makes people stand out and this is what employers want.

8. Adaptability and flexibility

8.1. Being able to adapt to new environments is essential for working cause you never know what you may be doing and you should always be ready for a change. If you cannot work in a different environment then they will find someone who can.

9. Professionalism and work ethic

9.1. Coming to work dressed sensibly will make you stand out as a good employee but it will also show off the business. Its like in school you would wear a uniform and the teachers would say that you were representing the school. It will make you look better and people will much rather work with you and speak to you if you are dressed sensibly for a job.

10. Positive attitude and energy

10.1. Employers want workers to be positive and to be happy with the work that they get. They don't want their employees to moan about all the work they are given.

10.2. Employers want their employees to talk to eachother and to make the workplace a better place to be. This in turn will make work better and the products they create will be better.