Skills employers want.

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Skills employers want. by Mind Map: Skills employers want.

1. Experiance

1.1. One to two years of experiance

1.2. PHP Experiance

1.3. JavaScript experiance

1.4. Worked in agencies

1.5. HTML and CSS Experiance

1.6. Proven track record

2. Testing

2.1. Be able to study a programme

2.2. Be able to fix anomaly's / bugs

2.3. Be able to spot anomaly's

3. Verbal Comunication

3.1. Clear speach.

3.2. Confidence

3.3. Be able to communicate well

3.3.1. This is another large factor in getting a job due to the fact of it being a main part of an interview process because you'll be talking with the interview. You do not want to sound slurred otherwise the interviewer will feel that you just don't want to be there meaning that you'll not likely get the job.

3.4. Speak formally

4. Time Organising

4.1. Planning

4.2. Being able to organise your time is a key feature of working due to the fact of you'll be organised where as other people wont be.

5. Patience

5.1. Patience is a large part of a job due to the fact of it having possibilities of implications such as disabilities and barriers that are hard to pass.

6. Teamwork

6.1. Work successfully in teams

6.2. Join in with the team

6.3. Add your ideas within the team

7. Punctuallity

7.1. Turn up onto to your job.

7.2. If late have a valid reason

7.3. Don't swear

8. Flexability

8.1. Be able to have a flexible work life

8.2. Be able to work around different hours

9. Numaracy

9.1. Multiply and divide

9.2. Be able to interept graphs and tables

9.3. Be able to comprehend simple problems

10. Leadership

10.1. Be able to use a team to its full extent

10.2. Show maturity

10.3. Show confidence

11. Determination

11.1. All employers want to have determined workers

11.2. Will open you for more work


12.1. This is probably the biggest one of all due to the fact if you do not respect your employers/fellow co-workers you will probably end up losing your job and if you have respect for others they give you respect back.