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Characteristics by Mind Map: Characteristics

1. Attitude & dress

1.1. look older, smarter and mature

1.2. sometimes people judge a book by its cover

2. Personal skills

2.1. shows the employer any special skills you can bring to the job youre applying for.

3. Compatible Personality

3.1. If co-workers dont like your personality it will effect the outcome of tasks given

3.2. If co-workers like your personality tasks will be performed better when in groups

4. Team work

4.1. Most jobs will require you to work as a group

4.2. good team working skills will allow you to be more beneficial when working with others at specific jobs given

5. Experience

5.1. Shows the interviewer you have skills related to the job

6. Languages

6.1. Wider range of jobs can be gained

6.2. You can work in other countries and be able to communicate with workers or buyers in their language

7. Good communication skills

7.1. look confident, prepared, and trustworthy

7.2. sell yourself to an employer

8. Determination

8.1. more reliable

8.2. Shows the interviewer youre willing to do anything they ask you too

9. Strengths & Weaknesses

9.1. Allows the employer to work out if you have some strengths for the job youre applying for

9.2. They can work out if your weaknesses will effect your work in the work place

10. Confidence

10.1. Interviewers and customers will rely on you with more confidence

10.2. interviewers look for confidence so they know you are willing and capable of the job

11. Flexibility

11.1. greatest impact on interviewers of a potential employee

12. Positive attitude

12.1. Negativity is always a no go

12.2. shows confidence and loyalty

13. Education

13.1. shows you are capable and better at specific jobs

13.2. Secondary school degrees and earned degrees can replace lack of work experience

14. Manners

14.1. ill manners is a no go

14.2. Good manners will greaten your chance at succeeding in the interview

15. Genuine Sincerity

15.1. shows politeness and manners

15.2. employers trust is gained

16. Lifestyle Stability

16.1. Employers look at your loyalty to others.