Technology Framework

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Technology Framework by Mind Map: Technology Framework

1. TPACK Here is a link to the TPACK diagram

1.1. Content Knowledge

1.1.1. Teachers need to understand the subject matter that they are teaching

1.2. Pedagogical Knowledge

1.2.1. Teachers need to know methods to teach their students, this includes proper lesson planning and appropriate evaluation strategies

1.3. Technological Knowlegde

1.3.1. Teachers need to understand many aspects of technology including how to install or remove software or programs, and how to operate the technology they use.

1.4. Pedagogical & Content Knowledge

1.4.1. Teachers who have a good understanding of PCK are able to combine proper teaching techniques to their knowledge base. They know which teaching approaches fit the content they are teaching, and knowing how to present subject matter to make it comprehensible to others

1.5. Technological Content Knowledge

1.5.1. Teachers who have TCK understand how technology and content are related and the manner in which content knowledge can be changed by technology

1.6. Technical Pedagogical Knowledge

1.6.1. Teachers with an understanding of TPK understand how to apply pedagogical strategies for the use of technology and recognize which technology programs are appropriate for certain tasks.

1.7. Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

1.7.1. Combining all three types of knowledge creates the optimal teaching/leaning environment. Teachers who have a good understanding of TPCK know how to teach content while using technology appropriately


2.1. A teacher can use technology in two main ways:

2.1.1. Transformational Redifinition Teachers use technology to complete tasks that are not possible without technology Modification Teachers use technology to redisign classroom tasks through the use of technology

2.1.2. Enhancement Augmentation Teachers use technology as a tool to complete common tasks Substitution Teachers use technology to to complete the same tasks as was done before the use of computers

3. 21st Century Learning

3.1. There are three levels of knowledge for the 21st century learner

3.1.1. Foundational Knowledge Core Content Example: Using probability to figure out the chances of rolling a double in a game of monopoly Digital and Informational Literacy Example: Understanding which technology will work best to present a project Cross Disciplinary Knowledge Example: Drawing information from gym class to a nutrition course

3.1.2. Meta Knowledge Problem Solving and Thinking Example: Drawing your own conclusion about a study you have read Communication and Collaberation Example: Working effectively as a team to complete a common task Creativity Example: Creating an original poster to present a particular topic/theory

3.1.3. Humanistic Knowledge Life and Job Skills Example: Breaking up one large task into smaller more manageable tasks Cultural Competence Example: Being able to collaborate with individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds Ethical and Emotional Awareness Example: While working with a group you take time to pay attention to the emotions of your group members in order to divide the tasks up more appropriatly

4. Philosophy of teachnology

4.1. Inspired by the Philosophy of Teaching: Beliefs about your current teaching practices

4.2. Varies from educator to educator

4.3. Philosophy of Teachnology is your beliefs about how technology can and should be used within your classroom.

4.4. An example of a Philosophy of Teachnology would be: I believe that incorporating technology into my classroom will prepare my students for the modern world