A near Accidant

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A near Accidant by Mind Map: A near Accidant

1. Cues

1.1. 26 years old female

1.2. Left side vesial problem

1.3. 1 year ago

1.3.1. Mild urinary urge incontinence

1.3.2. Difficulty walking

1.3.3. Antibiotices were given to treat

1.3.4. Resolved within 2-3 weeks

2. Problem Formulation

2.1. 26 years old pediatric residant has a problem in her left vesial feild. 1 year ago she had diffeculy walking and urge incontinance and was resolved by antibiotics.

3. Hypothesis Generation

3.1. A systemic demyelinating disease that affects the optic nerve.

3.2. Stroke in the posterior crebral artery affecting the occiptal cortex

3.3. Antibiotics caused the problem

3.4. Autoimmunity against the myelin sheeth

3.5. MS

3.6. Myopathies

4. Hypthesis Orgnization

4.1. Connective tissue diseases

4.2. Demylinating diseases

4.3. Infectious in origin

5. Objectives

5.1. To know the most common diseases that affect the visual feild

5.2. To know about the common demylinating dieases and put more attention in MS

5.3. To know about CNS manifistations of SLE