1:1 Implementation Plan for La Crescent-Hokah Public Schools

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LancerLearningHD by Mind Map: LancerLearningHD

1. Why?

1.1. LancerLearningHD will redefine learning through the continued development of innovative and individaulized educational experiences that seek to inspire and ensure success for all learners.

1.2. Commitments:

1.2.1. Challenging all learners to succeed considering their unique potentials

1.2.2. Ensuring effective learning environments for all learners.

1.2.3. Preparing all learners to be ready for success in school.

1.2.4. Assisting all learners in making healthy lifestyle choices.

1.2.5. Fostering collaboration and shared accountability.

1.2.6. Providing professional staff development activities that reflect best practice.

1.2.7. Providing educational facilities and operations conducive to effective learning.

1.2.8. Improving communications and relationships between school, home and community.

1.2.9. Being at the forefront in the use of technology

1.2.10. Maintaining fiscal integrity.

2. What?

2.1. LancerLearningHD will create innovative educational environmnents

2.1.1. Transparent use of technology Edline website, Google Docs

2.1.2. Develop and support innovators PD hours approved (24 hrs.)

2.1.3. Collaborative learning opportunities Google Docs Collaborative time on Wednesdays

2.1.4. Global connections

2.2. LancerLearningHD will provide individualized educational experiences

2.2.1. Personalized learning 1:1 Chromebooks multiage and 9th grade, spring 2013-14

2.2.2. Anywhere, anytime learning

2.2.3. Access to instant feedback Google Docs Web-based polling sites

2.3. LancerLearningHD will inspire all learners

2.3.1. Growth of creativity

2.3.2. Relevant and engaging learning experiences

2.3.3. Students as creators and producers

3. How?

3.1. Implementation

3.1.1. District Technology Plan Components Implement 1:1 student computing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Increase technology rich instructional environments

3.1.2. 1:1 Task Force/Planning Committee

3.1.3. 2013-14 school year grade level pilots

3.1.4. Fall 2014 and beyond,expand grade level implementation

3.2. SAMR Model of Technology Integration

3.2.1. Developing an Understanding SAMR Flow Chart The SAMR Ladder SAMR compared to Starbucks SAMR Model explained by Dr. Puentedura

3.2.2. Levels of SAMR Substitution: Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change Augmentation - Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement Modification - Tech allows for significant task redesign Redefinition - Tech allows for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable

4. Mission: La Crescent-Hokah School District is an innovative educational system designed to prepare all learners to thrive in an ever-changing global society.