ALEC HIE Program Coordination

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ALEC HIE Program Coordination by Mind Map: ALEC HIE Program Coordination

1. Long Term: What are the ROIs of ALEC's HIE Program activities?

2. Objective 1: Evaluate the Entire HIE Program

2.1. Short Term: Compile a list of ALEC HIE programs.

2.1.1. Tentative List Due October 4th

2.2. Medium Term: Compile existing evaluations for each HIE program.

2.2.1. List Due November 8th

2.3. Long Term: Compile a list of "best practices" that should be used to evaluate the HIE program.

2.3.1. Who is doing the best HIEs? What makes them good? Due March-April 2014

2.4. Long Term: Publish document outlining how the entire ALEC HIE Program can/should be evaluated.

2.4.1. Due April-May 2014

3. Objective 2: Market HIE Program

3.1. Short Term: Work with Dr. Deb's marketing class to update/modify HIE marketing.

3.1.1. September to December December 2013: Take successful Study Abroad marketing and promotion materials and rebrand to HIE Program.

3.2. Short Term (on-going): Facilitate promotion of ALEC HIEs.

3.3. Medium Term: Survey undergraduate students: What motivates them to participate in HIEs?

3.3.1. October: Develop survey scope , literature review, and IRB permission.

3.3.2. ALEC 621 with Mark Guerrero. September to December

3.3.3. November: Collect Data

3.4. Long Term: Rebrand Study Abroad Promotion to HIE program.

3.4.1. March-May 2014

4. Objective 3: Ongoing Assessments of HIE Programs

4.1. Short Term: Compile a list of ALEC HIE programs.

4.1.1. Dates, academic concentration, type or classification of HIE, number of participants, places or organizations visited, faculty/staff leaders. Deadline: October 4th

4.2. Medium Term: Compile a list of assessments which are being used by faculty

4.2.1. November 8th

5. May 2014: Transition HIE Program to Next Coordinator

5.1. Transfer marketing promotional materials

5.2. Updated ALEC HIE list

5.3. ALEC HIE Evaluation and Assessment documents