Epistemology; Ways of Knowing

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Epistemology; Ways of Knowing by Mind Map: Epistemology; Ways of Knowing

1. How do others know what we know?

1.1. Tests

1.1.1. Outside of the classroom, how can these be "graded"?

1.2. Credibility

1.2.1. Always requires some amount of trust in the one sharing the knowledge

1.2.2. How far do we go to prove we are right?

2. How do we know what we know?

2.1. Personal experience

2.2. Books--reading written words

2.3. Oral ideas/knowledge/history passed on

2.4. Movies, video--any sort of physical demonstration/representation

3. How do others know what they know?

3.1. Tests

3.1.1. How do we decide what to ask them, when we think we, ourselves, know?

3.2. Credibility

3.2.1. Who do we deem worthy of this?

3.2.2. When do we begin to doubt what we know?

4. Need for cultural knowledge

4.1. I know that is a shirt, and it goes on your shoulders and was made in this year using this process… but which way is front?

4.2. Sometimes a little effort goes a long way--history plays a huge role in every culture; sometimes more than actions

4.3. Accept that you can never know Everything! Be willing to learn