What is cyber bullying, and how to deal with it?

A mind map of cyberbullying unit in ICT class.

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What is cyber bullying, and how to deal with it? by Mind Map: What is cyber bullying, and how to deal with it?

1. What are some ways to handle a cyberbullying situation?

1.1. Do not respond

1.2. Do not reply

1.3. Block the bully

1.4. Save the bullying messages

1.5. Print the bullying messages

1.6. Talk to a friend

1.7. Tell your parents or teachers

1.8. Tell a trusted adult

2. How do you think it feels to be bullied?

2.1. Sad

2.2. Angry

2.3. Helpless

2.4. Humiliated

2.5. Upset

3. What are some similarities and differences between bullying and cyber bullying?

3.1. Similarities

3.1.1. Both can make kids feel sad, angry, helpless, humiliated, and upset.

3.2. Differences

3.2.1. In online, you can use more hurtful words.

3.2.2. In online, cyber bullying can happen anytime.

3.2.3. In online, cyber bullying can be very public because the internet is public and invisible audience are so many.

3.2.4. In online, cyberbullying can happen to anyone, even adults.

3.2.5. In online cyberbullying, it can cause emotional harm.

3.2.6. In online, it is not clear who is bullying in the other end because you cannot see them.

3.2.7. In offline, you can see clearly who is bullying you.

3.2.8. In offline, you can be bullied privately.

3.2.9. In offline, it is most kids and teenagers who are bullying.

3.2.10. In offline, bullying can happen at school only or when the kids is outside.

3.2.11. In offline, the bully can physically hurt you.