QED527 Blogging

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QED527 Blogging by Mind Map: QED527 Blogging

1. Benefits of using blogs for teaching and learning

1.1. Positively enhance the teaching and learning of language and music

1.2. Provide a collaborative environment and interaction with real audience

1.3. Enjoyable for students

1.4. Enable reflective practice

2. Issues

2.1. Technical

2.1.1. Inputting of non-English languages (IME)

2.2. Need for scaffold

2.3. Plagiarism

2.3.1. No acknowledgement to the source of information

2.4. Copyright Infringement

2.4.1. Use of copyrighted information, music, video etc

2.5. Defamation

2.5.1. Racist remarks

2.5.2. Personal insult

2.6. Hearsay

2.6.1. Spreading of rumours

2.7. Privacy

2.7.1. Infiltrate others' privacy

2.8. Addiction to constantly check for feedbacks

2.9. Self-centred/ Narcissist

3. Key features

3.1. Personal editorship

3.2. Hyperlinked post structure

3.2.1. Include texts, hyperlinks, pictures and graphics

3.3. Archival features

3.3.1. Searchable function/ tags

3.4. Free, public access to content

4. What is blog?

4.1. Online journal

4.2. Website frequently updated with new posts

5. Potential of Blogs for Teaching and Learning

5.1. Rationale for using blogs in education

5.1.1. Offer students opportunity to surface idea on a social plane

5.1.2. Encourage participation in social construction of knowledge and meaning making

5.1.3. Supports internalisation of knowledge through archived posts

5.1.4. Allow students to reflect on their works and the comments provided by their peers and teachers