7 Aspects Of Civilization

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7 Aspects Of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects Of Civilization

1. Arts and Education

1.1. Egypt

1.1.1. Paintings tended to have detail and color.

1.1.2. Rosetta Stone was passages of ancient writing.

1.1.3. Egyptians were Pro-Life writers.

1.1.4. Egyptians writing system was hieroglyphic. .

1.2. Huang He

1.2.1. Chinese writing is made of logograms.

1.2.2. Chinese writhing were found on oracle bones.

1.2.3. They use bones for drawing pictures.

1.2.4. They were interesting in music and art designs.

2. Science and Technology

2.1. Egypt

2.1.1. The Egyptians knew how to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division .

2.1.2. Interest in math and science for practical use.

2.1.3. Used Math and science as tools.

2.1.4. Egyptians greatest scientific advances were in medicine and master of human anatomy.

2.2. Huang He

2.2.1. They had a secret method of producing silk cloths from silkworms.

2.2.2. Chinese people started to build temple and buildings.

2.2.3. Bronze was made for pots, weapons and bells.

2.2.4. Ceramic production became more advanced during Shang dynasty.

3. Government and Leaders

3.1. Huang He

3.1.1. Bases on Religion and Military Power

3.1.2. Emperors Controlled all people

3.1.3. Leaders built Defensive Walls and Tombs

3.1.4. After Shang Dynasty, Rulers Chosen By Mandate of Heaven

3.2. Egypt

3.2.1. Ruled by the Pharaoh

3.2.2. Theocracy, controlled by the clergy

3.2.3. used dynasties, which were a series of rulers from one family

3.2.4. Pharaohs had power over all living in the civilization so large pyramids were built in their honor

4. Social Structure and Family Life

4.1. Huang He

4.1.1. Father arranged marriages and mother was subordinate.

4.1.2. Aristocratic warlords.

4.1.3. Territories of different classes.

4.2. Egypt

4.2.1. People started to educate themselves instead of doing what their father did.

4.2.2. Scribes were most prominent because they could write.

4.2.3. Pharaohs often married sisters.

4.2.4. Homes varied between social classes, wealthy had bigger homes, peasants had huts.

4.2.5. Royal Family, government figures, merchants, farmers, slaves.

5. Economy And Trade

5.1. Egypt

5.1.1. Middle Kingdom brought on new trade ideas.

5.1.2. Bureaucracy

5.1.3. Military escorts with traded items.

5.1.4. Traded with Nubians, Minoans, Phoenicians, and the Greek.

5.2. Huang He

5.2.1. Didn't have written language for a long time make an economy hard.

5.2.2. Used agriculture to bring income.

5.2.3. Silk Road was main source for trade.

6. Religion

6.1. Huang He

6.1.1. Daoism

6.1.2. Confuscianism

6.1.3. Physical Offerings

6.1.4. Gods and Spirits Influenced the World

6.2. Egypt

6.2.1. Polytheistic

6.2.2. Re was god of sun

6.2.3. Became Amon-re, the Father of the Pharoahs

6.2.4. Temples

6.2.5. Mummies

7. Geography and Agriculture

7.1. Egypt

7.1.1. Nile Flooded Every Year

7.1.2. Floods Were Predicted

7.1.3. Floods Washed away Waste

7.1.4. Seas Were Barriers Against War/Disease

7.2. Huang He

7.2.1. Unpredictable Flooding

7.2.2. Yellow Soil

7.2.3. River levels Rose Causing floods

7.2.4. Surrounded By Mountains and River Valleys