7 Aspects Of Civilization

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7 Aspects Of Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects Of Civilization

1. Government & Leaders

1.1. Huang He

1.1.1. China was ruled by a strong monarchy

1.1.2. Shang King was surrounded by a court(wealthy nobles)

1.1.3. The king appointed governers to rule distant parts of the kingdom

1.1.4. Large Army

1.2. Nile

1.2.1. Old Kingdom The king was pharaoh Bureaucracy was the vice president

1.2.2. Middle Kingdom Stability and power Nobles were in power Capital city was Memphis

2. Religion

2.1. Huang He

2.1.1. Shang tombs contained valuable items made of bronze and jade

2.1.2. Shang believed in an afterlife, centered on ancestral worship

2.1.3. Offered gifts to dead ancesters

2.1.4. Each tomb held hundreds of sacrificed prisoners

2.2. Nile

2.2.1. Kushite Pharoughs saw themselves as guardians of the Egytian tradition

2.2.2. Mummification was popular but quite expensive

2.2.3. Osiris was the god of death, Isis was the god of nature, Horus was the god of the sky, Anulas was the emperor of the dead.

2.2.4. Believed god caused all natural events

3. Geography & Agriculture

3.1. Huang He

3.1.1. Long rivers, fertile soils, temperate climates, and isolated islands

3.1.2. Annual floods drop rich soil on the plains

3.1.3. Southern China is warm and receives plenty of rainfall

3.1.4. Mountains(Himalayas), hills and deserts

3.2. Nile

3.2.1. Floods brought water to the nile

3.2.2. Most important geography in Egypt

3.2.3. Brought animals and trade to the Egypt

3.2.4. Longest river in the World

4. Social Structure & Family Life

4.1. Huang He

4.1.1. Most people spent their time farming

4.1.2. They in supernatural forces so they could talk to the gods

4.1.3. Aristicratic warlords ruled different territories of the kingdom

4.1.4. King could remove warlords when he choosed

4.2. Nile

4.2.1. Population was highly stratified with layers of all kinds of wealth.

4.2.2. Pharaohs often married their sisters.

4.2.3. Scribes were highly sought after because of their wisdom.

4.2.4. Most laborers and soldiers never moved up in society.

5. Economy & Trade

5.1. Huang He

5.1.1. Evidence that the Shang created on of the first currencies

5.1.2. Iron use became the backbone of the economy

5.1.3. Growth of cities caused the building of roads and canals for trade

5.1.4. The Zhou introduced coins to China

5.2. Nile

5.2.1. Many animals were traded

5.2.2. Thenes capital brought merchants sailors to the city and brought armies to protect them so they didn't get robbed

5.2.3. Merchants got attacked on their trade routes

5.2.4. Expert traders

6. Arts & Education

6.1. Huang He

6.1.1. Writing started as picture symbols

6.1.2. Chinese writing was closely tied with the use of oracle bones

6.1.3. Artists created highly decorative bronze vessels and objects

6.1.4. Art was used in religious rituals

6.2. Nile

6.2.1. Skilled Pottery Master

6.2.2. HIeroglyphus

6.2.3. Prolific Writers

6.2.4. Very Colorful

7. Science & Technology

7.1. Huang He

7.1.1. Before Zhou dynasty metal work was done mostly in bronze

7.1.2. They learned to use bronze

7.1.3. Iron strengthened the army(catapults)

7.1.4. Chopsticks were first used

7.2. Nile

7.2.1. Many Nubian archers

7.2.2. Kushite Pyramids were smaller than Egyptian ones

7.2.3. Produced a 365 day calendar based on astronomy

7.2.4. Developed early geometry designed for fields and canoes