Undergraduate at UF

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Undergraduate at UF by Mind Map: Undergraduate at UF

1. Semester Abroad

1.1. CAPA London for Spring 2015

1.1.1. http://www.capa.org/london

1.1.2. London Science and Engineering Program 1/22/14-6/7/14 $18499

2. Study Abroad

2.1. Summer Abroad

2.1.1. University of Melbourne Study within Biomedicine Application due 10/18/13 No language requirement http://www.unimelb.edu.au/

2.1.2. CAPA London for summer 5/21/14-7/5/14 or 7/8/14-8/22/14 8599

2.1.3. UNICAMP Program in Sao Paolo, Brazin http://www.unicamp.br/unicamp/

3. Research and Lab Experience

3.1. Research within BME

3.1.1. http://www.bme.ufl.edu/

3.1.2. Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Josephine Allen, Ph.D. The Allen Research group conducts research on biomaterials, cell-material interactions, and stem cell differentiation. The focus of our work is on developing strategies to control adult stem cell differentiation for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The goal is to better understand the multiple physiological signals and interactions that elicit molecular events governing stem cell differentiation. These molecular events, include substrate properties, mechanical cues, soluble factors, and cell-cell communication ultimately control stem cell fate and are the target areas of our research. [email protected] http://allen.mse.ufl.edu JON P. DOBSON, PH.D. The main focus of Professor Dobson's research falls into four broad categories (i) nanomagnetic actuation for mechanical conditioning and control of cellular functions for regenerative medicine and stem cell research, (ii) enhanced in vitro and in vivo gene delivery and expression, (iii) magnetic nanoparticle-loaded cellular carriers for tumor targeting and tissue repair and (iv) magnetic nanoparticle synthesis and characterization. The underlying theme of all this work is the novel use of magnetic nanoparticles to develop technologies for bionanotechnology and nanomedicine applications in fields as diverse as gene therapy, stem cell therapy, tumour targeting and regenerative medicine. In addition, Professor Dobson also co-ordinates a large, multi-national research programme developing imaging and characterization techniques for iron compounds in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, to inform the development of MRI-based early diagnostic techniques and to guide the development of new therapies. http://www.bme.ufl.edu/people/dobson_jon [email protected]

3.2. Volunteer at Shands

3.2.1. Department of Orthopedics Musculoskeletal Oncology and Stem Cell Laboratory http://www.ortho.ufl.edu/oncology-stem-cell-lab Gene Therapy Laboratory http://www.ortho.ufl.edu/gene-therapy-lab Incorporates gene transfer and stem cell technologies to study and develop treatments for musculoskeletal disorders

3.2.2. Hospice

3.2.3. Emergency Medicine

3.3. Academic Labs

3.3.1. X-Lab

3.3.2. X-Lab 2

3.4. Apply for a Job

3.4.1. Biomedical Technician job from ENC3254 class http://jobs.fmcna.com/gainesville/technical-services/jobid4055128-biomedical-technician-jobs

3.5. Summer Programs

3.5.1. Northwestern University Summer Program

3.5.2. $4500 stipend and a travel allowance and on-campus housing is provided

3.5.3. June 23 through August 22

4. Extracurriculars

4.1. Freshman Leadership Council

4.2. Greek Life

4.2.1. AEPI Pledge Brother Leadership Positions President Social Chair Pledgemaster

4.3. Student Honors Organization

4.3.1. Become active member

4.3.2. Attain Leadership Role

4.4. Volunteer in Shands Medical Center Spring 2014

4.5. Intramural Basketball

4.6. Senate

4.7. Community Service

4.7.1. Hospice Volunteering

4.7.2. Habitat for Humanity

4.7.3. Volunteer in undeveloped country

4.7.4. Projects for Peace

4.8. Gators For Israel

4.8.1. Get more involved in the Pro-Israel lobby

4.8.2. Attain a leadership position on campus

5. Academics

5.1. BS Biomedical Engineering

5.1.1. Freshman Year Semester 1 (17 Credits) Good Life ENC3245 CHM2045 MAC2313 PRO DEV STEM X-Lab Semester 2

5.1.2. Sophomore Year

5.1.3. Junior Year

5.1.4. Senior Year

5.2. BS Biology

5.3. Pre-Health

5.4. UF Honors Program

5.4.1. PRO DEV STEM (1 point)

5.4.2. Involvement in the UF Student Honors Organization (SHO)

5.4.3. Write a thesis

5.4.4. Study abroad

5.4.5. Volunteer at Shands/Conduct Research