Ancient Civiizations

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Ancient Civiizations by Mind Map: Ancient Civiizations

1. Religion

1.1. Egypt

1.1.1. Mummified pharaohs

1.1.2. Believed in multiple Gods Elemental gods

1.1.3. Created temples and art to please the Gods and ancestors Sacrificed to the gods

1.2. Huang He

1.2.1. Believed in an afterlife

1.2.2. brought gifts to tombs to please the dead

1.2.3. worshipped ancestors

1.2.4. Daoism and Confucianism

2. Science and Technology

2.1. Egypt

2.1.1. Good Architecture Built pyramids Built Sphinx

2.1.2. mapped and predicted Nile floods

2.2. Huang He

2.2.1. calender based on moon

2.2.2. made compasses

2.2.3. created block printing

2.2.4. created gunpowder

3. Social Structure and Family Life

3.1. Egypt

3.1.1. Upper, Middle and Lower class Lower class worked on pyramids Lower class= 90% of population middle class = artisans and merchants Upper class = religious leaders, government

3.1.2. Pharaohs ruled

3.1.3. Lived in family units

3.2. Huang He

3.2.1. kings ruled

3.2.2. farmers were the majority of people

3.2.3. slaves built tombs, palaces and walls

3.2.4. fathers had authority of the family

4. Geography and Agriculture

4.1. Egypt

4.1.1. Nile River Used flooding to water crops Provided only source of water

4.1.2. Where located in Sahara Desert Protected from intruders Not much fertile land

4.2. Huang He

4.2.1. River flowing east from Plateau of Tibet to Yellow Sea

4.2.2. Rich soil in Huang He Valley

4.2.3. Good for wheat and millet

4.2.4. Hills protected from invasion

5. Government and Leaders

5.1. Egypt

5.1.1. Had one Leader, the Pharaoh

5.1.2. Ruled until death

5.1.3. Below Pharaoh were priests, gov. officials, and military leaders

5.2. Huang He

5.2.1. Monarchy

5.2.2. Kings had a court

5.2.3. Armies prevented rebellions and fought invasions

5.2.4. Kings appointed governors to rule parts of the civilization

6. Art and Education

6.1. Egypt

6.1.1. Made pictures to represent words Used Hyroglyphics

6.1.2. Made statues of pharaohs

6.1.3. Created Oblisks Tall decorative pillars

6.2. Huang He

6.2.1. Bronze objects

6.2.2. Paper making

6.2.3. Written language in pictures

6.2.4. Written books

7. Economy and Trade

7.1. Egypt

7.1.1. Traded goods

7.1.2. Used a form of currency

7.2. Huang He

7.2.1. bronze and jade

7.2.2. first system of money

7.2.3. used silk road

7.2.4. crops were a major profit because of the good soil