Matthew Smith

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Matthew Smith by Mind Map: Matthew Smith

1. Academic

1.1. Graduate with a duel degree in mechanical/aerospace engineering

1.1.1. Join Florida Rocket Club

1.2. Graduate with Honors

1.2.1. Attend Honors showcase

1.2.2. Become involved in SHO or honors ambassadors

1.3. Maintain high GPA

1.4. Study abroad

1.4.1. Hopefully England, Spain, or Japan

2. Social

2.1. Kappa Sigma Fraternity

2.1.1. Become initiated as a brother

2.1.2. Run for executive or pledge council

2.1.3. lead socials and plan fundraisers

2.1.4. have fun

2.2. Become apart of engineering society

3. Work

3.1. Bus boy for DZ house

3.2. UF TRiP leader

3.2.1. take spring semester course for wilderness certification

3.2.2. apply and get an interview for position

3.2.3. attend meet and greets

4. Internships

4.1. Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadina

4.1.1. Learn about rocket development and aeronautic techniques

4.2. Business

4.2.1. get background knowledge of business aspect of engineering

5. Research

5.1. Find physics or engineering lab,,,,,,soon

6. Recreation

6.1. UF TRiP

6.1.1. attend as many as my wallet can afford

6.2. Rowdy Reptiles

6.2.1. attend as many games as possible

6.2.2. earn free stuff

6.3. CRU

6.3.1. attend fall getaway

7. Volunteer

7.1. CRU

7.1.1. help with Thursday night worship

7.1.2. become apart of volunteer committee

7.2. Habitat for Humanity

7.3. Blood Drive