7 Aspects of a Civilization

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7 Aspects of a Civilization by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of a Civilization

1. Arts and Education

1.1. Hung He

1.1.1. All kids were taught by a Teacher

1.1.2. Created art out of Jade

1.1.3. Terra Cotta sculptures

1.1.4. Ornaments and pottery

1.2. Nile

1.2.1. Made designs into ships and monuments including temples

1.2.2. Great statues

1.2.3. Jewelry and wigs

1.2.4. Eye makeup

2. Science and Technology

2.1. Huang He

2.1.1. Created Catapult

2.1.2. Figured out how to create bigger harvest

2.1.3. Created Cavalry for war

2.1.4. Created chop sticks Chop sticks still used today

2.2. Nile

2.2.1. The pyramids

2.2.2. Adopted horse draw Chariots and Archers from the Conquered enemies

2.2.3. Irrigation Canals

2.2.4. Invented many different inventions still used today

3. Government and Leaders

3.1. Huang He

3.1.1. Emperor ruled in Monarchy

3.1.2. Wealthy nobles were part of the court

3.1.3. Governors appointed to help rule

3.1.4. Farmers were called upon to fight

3.2. Nile

3.2.1. They had the Pharaohs Pharaohs believed to be gods

3.2.2. String of dynasties 31 dynasties held Egypt

3.2.3. 31 dynasties held in Egypt

3.2.4. Pharaohs believed to be gods

4. Social Structure and Family Life

4.1. Huang He

4.1.1. Everyone was treated with respect and love

4.1.2. Educations in important no matter what social class you are in

4.1.3. Kings and nobles were top of the pile

4.1.4. Warriors and lords second and peasants were low class

4.2. Nile

4.2.1. The Richest citizens were top class

4.2.2. The pharaoh is the highest authority then his friends or family are his officials

4.2.3. Slaves and Farmers were at the bottom of the list

4.2.4. Pharaoh always had help

5. Economy and Trade

5.1. Huang He

5.1.1. Created first system of Money Used silk clothing for trade

5.1.2. Iron is important to the Economy

5.1.3. Traded salt and Cattle

5.2. Nile

5.2.1. Two different kingdoms Unification: 3100 B.C.E. Created Memphis

6. Geography and Agriculture

6.1. Huang He

6.1.1. Long rivers and fertile soils

6.1.2. Isolated valleys Annual flooding

6.1.3. Protected by large Mountain

6.2. Nile

6.2.1. Longest river in the world Flood every year Rich minerals in soil River and desert protected from invasion

7. Religion

7.1. Huang He

7.1.1. Ancestor Worship Used animal bones to inscribe things on or to record history

7.1.2. Believed in afterlife

7.1.3. Yin Yang

7.2. Nile

7.2.1. Many different gods

7.2.2. Believed in the Afterlife

7.2.3. Mummified dead family and buried them with belongings, pets and slaves

7.2.4. Religion based on Nature