Andrew Sanchez

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Andrew Sanchez by Mind Map: Andrew Sanchez

1. Volunteerwork

1.1. Join Honors Without Borders

1.1.1. Go to all volunteering events Acquire leadership position

1.2. Volunteer abroad (South America, Africa)

1.3. Continue looking for compatible volunteering clubs/organizations

1.4. Volunteer at Shands (ER department) beginning sophomore year

2. Music

2.1. Continue to play guitar casually

2.2. Perform monthly at Shands Atrium with Arts in Medicine

2.3. Continue looking for other ways to incorporate my guitar playing with involvement at UF

3. Research

3.1. Send Dr. Angerhofer my CV

3.1.1. Acquire research position within chemistry department Stick with project, and try to get published by graduation

3.2. Apply for summer research internships across the US

4. Academics

4.1. Get straight As Fall semester

4.2. Take organic chemistry Spring semester

4.2.1. Register for classes relevant to MCAT Study for MCAT (Sophomore-Junior)

4.3. Study humanities abroad in Europe by graduation

5. Leadership

5.1. Check out UF's SGA

5.1.1. Potentially run for SGA office

5.2. Join a fraternity sophomore year

5.2.1. Acquire leadership position