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Hema by Mind Map: Hema

1. 7. Career Development

1.1. "The personal development of our employees is very important to HEMA. Our internal training programmes offer our employees many opportunities for professional development within our organisation. This varies from skills training to job-oriented career guidance. The wishes and the strengths of the employees are the central focus of this training. The courses are available to all HEMA employees, from the Distribution Centre to our stores, and from eager newbat"

1.2. needs analysis

1.2.1. 1. step: gaining knowledge of the German language as Hema also operates in Germany 2. step: offering Huub a weekly German language course, as well as a software to work at home; specific goal: Huub achieves a language certificate of German level B1; yearly buudget: 700€ 3. step: implementing the training: combined online and on the-job training

1.2.2. ongoing training in technology, improving his skills with the computer system (technology based)

1.3. HR management decides on the budget, there is a standard budget for the industry and also a standard budget that Hema goes by for its employees, Hema decides according to Huub's position in the company;

1.3.1. issue that contract is only for three years and we know from Huub that he is planning on opening its own business; this is why the budget is not the highest but Hema does want to offer him good opportunities so he works well and gains from the work relationship with Hema

2. 6. Compensation and Benefits

2.1. direct and indirect payments

2.1.1. indirect payments; set standards by government and Hema's policies, plus HR management decides on how much additional vacation or retirement money Huub gets depending on his position in the company health insurance half paid by Hema paid vacation 30 days retirement plan in addition to the statutory retirement policy, Hema pays Huub an additional amount for retirement on a private insurance

2.1.2. direct payments fixed salary; based on decisions by HR management as well as industry standards; Huub earns well as Hema profiits from his knowledge and experience 60,000 Euro benefits/bonus, set by the HR management and senior management for all employees at Hema; according to their position and level in the company they might get more or less "We cherish our employees. By providing extra facilities for our employees with regard to, for example, health and education,HEMA ensures that our employees feel good and can perform their duties optimally. Employees must be able to work in a safe, healthy environment, whether they are stocking shelves, unloading trucks or working at the sales counter. For this reason, we focus a great deal of attention on safe lifting and correct usage of tools. HEMA also takes the capacities of individual employees into account. This prevents employees from being overburdened or injured. The health of our employees is also determined by their lifestyle. HEMA encourages its employees to exercise regularly. For example, we arrange volleyball tournaments and motorbike and cycling days. HEMA also takes part in marathons with an enthusiastic team. The Distribution Centre increases staff awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by regularly organising health days, offering healthy choices in the company restaurant and offering courses to help people stop smoking." special benefits "HEMA offers employees and former employees a number of special benefits. For employees who have been at HEMA for 25 years or more, there is the “Zilverlingendag”: a meeting to which we invite people who have retired or left service after being employed at HEMA for 25 years or longer. At the meeting they are able to catch up with (ex-) colleagues and keep up to date with events at HEMA. “HEMA Actief” also organises and sponsors various sports events each year. For example, HEMA employees participate in the Nijmegen “Vierdaagse” and the Dam to Dam run. There are also volleyball and soccer tournaments. In 2011, HEMA was approached by Bos Theatre Productions, which asked whether HEMA employees could play a role in the stage show “HEMA the musical” – a high-profile, comical production that was staged at various theatres in the Netherlands in 2012 and 2013. Naturally, we were happy to give our permission, with the result that HEMA employees were able to play a role in the musical."

3. 5. Performance Management

3.1. Performance Management, Hema does not only do it one way but both ways employee->employer as well as suboridinate-> boss -> company

3.2. "What makes employees happy? At HEMA, this is an important question, for the happier our employees, the better our business functions. To monitor our performance as an employer and to discover potential points for improvement, HEMA regularly carries out employee satisfaction studies. Following every study, we develop an action plan based on the findings. The most recent study was conducted in 2011. The general satisfaction was rated at 7.3."

3.3. After trial period Huub is starting to show signs of underperforming -> what to do?

3.3.1. 1.talk with Huub about possible problems on his underperformance, external influences etc. and talk with him about possible solution to the issue

3.3.2. 2. Conducting a performance analysis Measurement by Objectives (MBO) - conducted by the HR team as well as the manager above Huub Measurement by Objectives (MBO): set up measurable goals warehouse performance improvement faster ways of shipping imporvement on intelligent stock management measurement on reflections about Huub of his subordinates and staff he leads Interviews with the employee and his supervisor: Huub and the HR manager as well as the line manager above Huub (senior management) Attitude survey Analyzing job-related performance data: warehouse productivity, numbers of shippings sent out in a day, absenteeism and tardiness, waste, product quality, satisfaction of his team, motivation of the team he leads, customer compaints, mistakes made

3.3.3. 3.positive incentive for him to perform better benefits financial

4. 1. Human Resource Planning

4.1. what hema needs: -> what position has to be filled for how long - what perosnal skills and qualifications is Hema looking for?

4.2. Hemas culture

4.3. Requirements

4.3.1. business related studies

4.3.2. fluent in Dutch and English

4.3.3. managerial, math and computer skills

4.3.4. experience in the logistic field

4.3.5. outstanding communication and leadership skills

4.3.6. Hema employees: customer oriented, loyal and acting as a part of the company

4.4. Position

4.4.1. Time period: 3 months trial period, then permanent contract for 3 years

4.4.2. Looking for : Logistics Operations Manager

4.4.3. Job availability: From now on

4.4.4. logistics headquarter in Utrecht, Netherlands

5. 3. Selection

5.1. Selection Tools

5.1.1. 1. step testing: measuring personality, Huub's CV shows that he owns the abiities and knowledge to work this job, Hema now wants to find out if he also has the motivation and interpersonal skills as we know that Hema is just a job for some years before he can open his own business; use a test like the Birkman Method (www.birkman.com) to see if he is motivated and where his strengths lay, additionally he has the entrepreneurial skills but does he have the skills to work in a company with fixed rules and standards

5.1.2. 2. step interview: 1. Structure the interview and Review background (CV, etc.), 2. Establish rapport, 3. Ask questions; selection interview: structured interview, (ask profile-oriented interview questions: ask Huub about his former jobs and responsibilities) panel interview: HR manager, warehouse senior manager; 4. Close the interview, 5. Review the interview data Huub's personal skills passion for a job in the logistic field straight forward -> fits Hema's culture strong and self-confident/strong character -> able to face challenges and new situations flexible in working hours and location solution oriented technical skills entrepreneurial Qualifications international background experienced/ required degrees specialization

5.1.3. 3. other selection techniques: background investigation (criminal convictions search and credit history reports) and reference checks to check how honest the candidate is and to uncover damaging background information and eventually fake job references

5.1.4. 4. Medical Exams and Drug Screening; assures Hema that Huub is able to work well

5.1.5. 5. Evaluating the Selection Process, interviewers of the panel interview get together and go through the answers and performance of the different candidates, then decide for Huub worries of hiring Huub has his own company and projects going on that he is working on job hopper he probably wont stay long? worth the training? How can we benefit from him and he from us? Make it a win-win situation>

6. 4. Orientation/Training

6.1. provide Huub with knowledge, awareness, and expertise for his new job and introduce him to the Hema culture

6.1.1. introducing Huub to Hema is being supported by showing this video clip to him and the other new employees

6.1.2. this results in: Huub feeling welcomed, understands the company setting of Hema, knowing about policies and clear understanding of Hema's expectations and the job he has to do, getting to know colleagues

6.2. Onboarding, 3 days, 1. administrative based activities , giving out handbooks with policies etc. 2. HR activities filling out forms and getting to know policies and company rules 3. culture building through training and games that help Huub understand Hema's culture and working processes, getting to know the different Hema warehouses together with other new employees and senior managers, team building activities,

6.2.1. Onboarding: the first step into the continuing process of socialization socialization - introducing employees to attitudes, standards, values and patterns of behavior set by the company

6.2.2. Huub receives a Welcome present: tickets for him and his family to the Hema musical

6.3. "Our management style aims to create conditions in which our employees are committed to and feel responsible for their work. HEMA provides good, safe and healthy working conditions."

6.3.1. Hema employee policy: "Therefore, it is of vital importance that the employees act with integrity and are also treated with integrity."

6.4. On-the-Job Training

6.4.1. Coaching: Huub will be coached by the senior logistics manager

6.5. Computer-based training (CBT)

6.5.1. used to show Huub how the internal software works, the portal of Hema, the company mail system as well as the warehouse stocking system and the order process software

7. 2. Recruitment

7.1. 1. Decide what position to fill

7.1.1. Job Description (see word document)

7.1.2. Job Analysis

7.1.3. Job specification

7.2. 2. Build a pool of candidates to chose from; internal and external candidates

7.2.1. Channel Internet Home page Job Boards logistics magazines logistics business magazine internal sources of candidates job posting on company boards and via mail

7.3. 3. Application forms

7.3.1. provides verifiable data from the candidates

7.4. 4. Use selection tools

7.5. 5. Decide on a candidate