Inner-City Pain Corporation

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Inner-City Pain Corporation by Mind Map: Inner-City Pain Corporation

1. Equipment

1.1. Five mixers used in manufacturing

1.2. Two lift trucks move finished goods

1.3. Small testing lab ensures quality of materials received and quality of finished product

1.4. 24-foot delivery trucks and vans are transportation equipment

2. Facilities

2.1. One building located on the south side of Chicago

2.2. Most of building is for manufacturing and storage

3. Product

3.1. Paint contains pigment, vehicle, and water

3.2. Cost of materials to produce white paint is $2.40 per gallon

4. Management

4.1. Stanley Walsh- President and majority stockholder

4.2. Office managed by Walsh's mother

4.3. Plant is managed by man in his twenties

4.4. Walsh must open all mail, approve all payments, and inspect all customer billings before mailed

5. Employees

5.1. 35 employees (20 part-time)

5.2. Employees take turns making paint or driving delivery trucks

5.3. Walsh makes all sales and public relations work

6. Customer Perception

6.1. Fast service

6.2. Negotiates on price and payment out of desperation

6.3. Do not think highly of Walsh

7. Stanley Walsh

7.1. Viewed as a disorganized man

7.2. Rumors claim financial trouble for this company

7.3. Does not want to incur expenses for auditing for accounting services

7.4. Does not hire other sales people because he felt they could not be trusted