Fundamental Needs

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Fundamental Needs by Mind Map: Fundamental Needs

1. What Fundamental Needs are being fulfilled by this service?

1.1. Personal Needs

1.1.1. Learning Activities and Intellectual Growth

1.1.2. Personal Growth

1.1.3. Confidence Building

1.1.4. Spiritual fulfillment

1.1.5. Leadership Development

1.1.6. Self Esteem Building

1.1.7. Financial Security

1.1.8. Creative Pursuits and accomplishment

1.1.9. Satisfaction from Building Something

1.1.10. Satisfaction from Helping Others

1.2. Social Needs

1.2.1. Fulfillment through Providing a Service to one's Community

1.2.2. Recognition and Awards By Peers By Society and Leadership

1.2.3. Networking Possibilities

1.2.4. Social Involvement and Interaction

1.2.5. Parties and Celebrations`

1.2.6. Rituals as Modes of Social Bonding

1.2.7. Opportunities for Friendly Competition