Evan Chidley's Goals for College Success

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Evan Chidley's Goals for College Success by Mind Map: Evan Chidley's Goals for College Success

1. Research

1.1. Start by at least my sophomore year

1.2. Get involved at the hospital

1.3. Try to find something I'm truly interested in

1.4. Find a research position where I can make money

1.5. Take advantage of the First Year Fellowhsip

2. Relationships

2.1. Make new friends

2.1.1. Say hello to people I see

2.1.2. Invite floormates to dinner

2.2. Keep in touch with family and old friends

2.2.1. Facetime my parents

2.2.2. Go home for swim meets to cheer on my old teammates

2.3. Maintain relationships with floormates when we move out next year

2.3.1. Meet for lunch

2.3.2. Find times we can all get together for a movie

2.3.3. Visit their apartments

3. Volunteering

3.1. Habitat for Humanity

3.1.1. Build homes for the poor

3.2. Dance Marathon

3.2.1. Raise the required money

3.2.2. Join a Committee sophomore year

3.2.3. Find a leadership position

3.3. UI Hospitals & Clinics

3.3.1. Burn Treatment Center

3.3.2. Mother and Baby Unit

3.3.3. Be a NICU cuddler

3.4. Be a part of the 2014 Spring Break Hawkeye Service Team

3.4.1. Make new friends in the Greek community

3.4.2. Enjoy myself on the trip

4. Studying Abroad

4.1. Spain

4.1.1. Finish my language requirement for Spanish while abroad

4.2. Costa Rica

4.3. Brazil

4.3.1. Go on a winter break trip to experience the culture

4.4. India

4.4.1. Study patient histories and see how doctors in a foreign country do their jobs

5. Academics

5.1. Find friends in all of my classes

5.1.1. Sit by someone new everyday

5.1.2. Always be friendly

5.2. Stay on top of my homework

5.2.1. Set aside time every night to get work done

5.2.2. Go somewhere I won't be distracted

5.2.3. Don't leave it for the last minute

5.2.4. Study with friends so they can help

5.3. Take as many classes as possible that interest me

5.3.1. Honors Harry Potter Seminar

5.3.2. Sexual Ethics

5.3.3. Global Foods

5.3.4. Clinical Psychology

5.3.5. Intro to Substance Abuse

5.4. Take advantage of tutoring

5.4.1. Use the free Supplemental Instruction for chemistry

5.4.2. Use office hours to go through material

5.5. Keep up good grades

5.5.1. Accept that college is more challenging than high school

5.5.2. Put in the extra work needed for college

6. Student Organizations

6.1. Medicus

6.1.1. Be a leader on the board

6.1.2. Take advantage of medical student mentoring

6.1.3. Shadow doctors

6.2. UIEMS

6.2.1. Ride along in an ambulance

6.2.2. Join Campus Community Emergency Team

6.2.3. Attend national EMS conferences

6.2.4. Shadow at the hospital in the emergency department

6.3. Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority

6.3.1. Get a an executive position sophomore year

6.3.2. Make lifelong friends

6.3.3. Be on the Scholarship Committee

6.3.4. Join a committee for Recruitment 2014

7. Stay Healthy

7.1. Physical Healh

7.1.1. Exercise at least 3 times a week

7.1.2. Pay attention to what I'm eating

7.1.3. Keep up with my swimming routine

7.1.4. Try new classes at the Rec center

7.2. Mental Health

7.2.1. Go for a peaceful walk now and then

7.2.2. Avoid stress and take breaks to just relax

7.2.3. Indulge in shopping when extremely stressed out

7.3. Financial Health

7.3.1. Avoid shopping if at all possible

7.3.2. Don't buy food late at night too often

8. Mentors

8.1. Research

8.1.1. Find someone doing research relevant to my interests and ask to be involved

8.1.2. Use research mentor to find out more about their field/profession

8.2. Academics

8.2.1. Identify teachers I would like to get to know

8.2.2. Go to office hours and demonstrate my commitment to academics

8.2.3. Don't be afraid to contact them with questions