The Love System

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The Love System by Mind Map: The Love System

1. Definitions

1.1. AMOG

1.1.1. Average Male of Group

1.2. DLV

1.2.1. Demonstrating Lower Value

1.3. IOI

1.3.1. Indicators of Interest

1.4. DHV

1.4.1. Demonstrating Higher Value

2. Emotional Progression

2.1. Openers

2.1.1. Types Direct Screening None *?* Indirect Opinion Situational *?* Humorous Groups Teasing *?*

2.1.2. Location You have to make it look casual by moving into an appropriate position or location where you might start a random, situational conversation with her. Also, it can often help to “ground” yourself to the situation, for example by picking up a book in a bookstore, or buying a cup of coffee in a café and sitting down (near to the woman). Bookstore It can be easy to start a conversation with a woman in a book or music store. Just transition off the original topic reasonably quickly “Hey, can you recommend any good X books/music albums? I’m really into X but completely bored of what I’m reading/listening to at the moment.” If she gives a good suggestion, you can get into a role-play by saying, “Awesome. You should be my personal shopper. The pay is bad, but the perks are good – you get to hang out with me.” If you see a woman holding a book, you can use that for an opener. Transition off it by asking more about what she’s into, for example other books by that author, another author or even a different genre (represented by ‘X’ in the opener). “Oh, I’ve read that, it’s an incredible book. Are you into X as well?” Cafes Any item that a woman has with her in a coffee shop is great to use for a situational opener. One of my favorites is when you catch a woman working on her laptop in the middle of the day. It’s easy to use an opener like this one, and then start a normal conversation. Bar Drink Fake Palm Read Street “Excuse me, you’re absolutely gorgeous. I was going to kick myself if I didn’t come say hello.” “Excuse me, I just saw you walking past and I thought to myself, ‘That girl is so cute, I have to talk to her.’” “You’re absolutely stunning; I had to come meet you.” “Oh my god, you are absolutely beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good looking girls out today, but there is something so… elegant about the way you walk.” I would aim to get the woman from the street into a bar for an “instant date,” at which point I would certainly say some similar things to what I would say to the woman in the bar. Supermarket "You look really serious about that X, thinking of switching brands?"

2.1.3. Caveats The most important thing to remember is that despite all the weight put on opening by many guys, it is not a big deal. Opening is the act of beginning a conversation with a woman or group of people who you don’t already know. It’s what you do in the few minutes after the opener that matters most in terms of the impression you will make on a woman; not necessarily what you open with. That is why we have the crucial Transitioning phase Always start talking to a woman within a few seconds of seeing her 1..2..3!! Ask the question like the situation is really going on, not like you're taking a survey. The actual content of the responses you get from women after the opener is not important. You can disregard or integrate it as you choose, just make sure that you are steering the interaction in the direction of your choosing and not letting them hijack the conversation. You will be doing 90% of the talking in the first 5 minutes. Don't let silence happen. Keep talking.

2.2. Transition

2.2.1. Caveats Once they've started talking about your friends birthday or whatever for a FEW SECONDS, cut them off by noticing something about them You can and should interrupt them after a few seconds and talk about something else that you notice about them. The point of the transition is to get from talking about your opener to having a normal conversation. The key is to notice something about them and use that to change the topic of the conversation. This justifies staying and continuing the conversation without appearing to be "trying too hard."

2.2.2. Examples Alright it seems that you [pick one woman at random] are the good one and you [the other woman] are the bad one. And thats okay. One of you can be my angel and the other can be the devil. Like we'll roll down the street, one of you on each arm, we'll make all the other women jealous, and every time theres a decision to be made, you guys can whisper in my ear and we'll see who's more tempting.

2.2.3. Cold Reads “Ah, so you’re the good one and you’re the bad one.” "So who would win in a fight? I've got money on you." “Interesting… Firm handshake, limp handshake… She’s the dominant one I guess.” "You're bad." "Ohhhh noooo. You guys are trouble!" "You guys are the nice ones... I can only hang with you." "Yeah, you're more quiet. Like Velma from Scooby Doo. You're smart, and you solve mysteries too!" "I don't know about you… I have a x–feeling about you." "There's something suspicious going on here... I'm not sure what, but I can just feel it." "You guys are fiesty. Like powerpuff girls." "You guys are crazzzy." "I can't trust you guys." "Okay, I can trust you now.. you guys are *IN*.. you're trustworthy." "You guys are like crime fighters" "You guys are total badgirls." "You're the leader." "Dude, these girls are obviously VERY adventurous." "You seem like you'd be a (pick their occupation) You can pretend to notice what she is doing with her eyes in the middle of a conversation, whether or not she actually does what you “notice.” “Interesting… Are you a visual person?” “Do you think in pictures and see little movies in your head? You tend to look up when you think. People who are creative and are visually oriented tend to look up when they think. I'm the same way." Hand Shakes "You know you can tell alot about a women by the way they shake your hand." You look like you should be a schoolteacher

2.3. Attraction

2.3.1. Caveats Your brain will start to get used to improvising and dealing with social pressure. Dont do anything that would be interpreted as hitting on her, UNTIL SHE EARNS IT She needs to be showing that she is interested in you before you can show her that you are interested in her. HOLD OFF on the what's your name? And what do you do? Until it's OBVIOUS and that you are both interested in each other. (Evidenced by IOI's) Create mutual attraction before you build comfort With each Attraction routine you use or develop, think of how it can help you demonstrate these eight qualities

2.3.2. Triggers Foundation Health Humor Social Intuition Attributes Wealth Status Outcomes Confident Pre-selected Challenging

2.3.3. Examples Stories You can tell a story about something that happened to you that subtly communicates that you have status Sometimes it will be through how you say it Target the Trigger Being able to capture a group’s attention and have it focused on you (in a positive way) demonstrates social skills and strong social intuition Routines Eyebrow What a Shame Penis Implant Self Conscious Hug Test Run Away Questions “If you could meet anyone alive or dead, who would it be?” “So, if you had your mom, your grandma and Jesus… And you had to punch one of them in the face as hard as you could or they all would die, which would you punch?” “What do you secretly want to brag about?”

2.3.4. Voice The Apple is Red + + +

2.4. Storytelling

2.4.1. Caveats Tell your stories as if they are emotional journeys,not recitations of facts.

2.5. Qualification

2.5.1. Caveats When she is giving you IOIs... switch gears. Now you can indulge your curiosity about her. No more than 3 compliments.. Make her earn them When she tells you things about herself that you are attracted to, compliment her on them. To get her to see you again, or to have her willing to invest herself emotionally and build comfort with you... you need to convince her that you like her for things other than her looks and sexuality look for non-physical things as “reasons” to be attracted to them Give her hoops Ask questions You should also sometimes release the tension after a compliment with a non-sequitur tease, something along the lines of: “Too bad you’re such a dork!”

2.5.2. Examples of Hoops “What nationality are you?” "Oh my Gosh you're German! I love German girls. My family is German and we went over there and traced our whole family tree. It's a really cool culture." “What are your three best qualities?” “What do you have going for you more than your looks?” “How tall are you?” “Hey, you know what?” “My ex used to always say everyone’s got a body double in the world, like a perfect unrelated twin version of themselves. Well, you totally remind me of a friend of mine I met while travelling Australia. This girl is like your doppelganger. Her name’s Kate but we all call her Cat. In fact, I’m calling you Cat all night.” “Cat is one of the most fun and interesting people you’ll ever meet – I mean this girl was pretty, sure, but she had an amazing personality too. Tell me two interesting things about yourself.” “Are you adventurous?" "Are you a good friend?" “What do you do for fun?” “What’s your favorite color?” “Are you spontaneous?” “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” “What do you want to be when you grow up?” "And don't say, "Princess!"" “If you could do anything in the world without fear of failure, what would you do?” “Can you cook?” "Do you like animals?" “What’s your favorite book?” “What are 3 reasons I would want to get to know you?” “What would your friends say about you?” “OK, now teach me something interesting…” (After having done a killer routine) “What are your three best qualities?” “If you had to pick one thing that makes life worth living, what would it be?” “Is there more to you than meets the eye?” “If everyone looked the same what would make you stand out?” “Who are you?” (emphasize the word ”are”) “I can't believe this… Can you believe we met at a bar?" “I have to hang out with you again sometime.” “What is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” “What’s your favorite place to be touched?” “What’s your favorite sexual position?” “Tell me a secret.” “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?" “When was your first kiss?”

2.6. Comfort

2.6.1. Examples “This is so crazy. I can’t believe we met just a few hours ago at X. I just feel so comfortable with you.” What Are We Girl This is a way to set a sexual frame for the future that the relationship is going to be casual and both of you are perfectly cool with that. At some point as things are heating up and you are making out, stop and say in a playful teasing way: “You’re like the ‘What-are-we?’ girl, aren’t you? We’re going to wake up tomorrow and you’re going to be like, ‘What are we?’ ‘Where do you see this going?’ ‘Should I get your initials tattooed on my ass?’” She will laugh and deny it and then you should seem satisfied and proceed. Then the next morning when you wake up, spoon her in a silly, needy way and say: “Wow. That was amazing last night. You’re awesome… So, what are we now? Where do you see this going? Can I be like, your boyfriend now?”

2.7. Seduction

2.7.1. Caveats Seduction comes down to simply leading and physically escalating What you say while doing this can make a big difference in your success so the following routines will help you use effective language while physically leading the woman into the Seduction phase A lot of times a woman will say things like, “We shouldn’t be doing this,” or, “I’m not going to sleep with you,” but she’ll let you keep kissing her and getting sexual. Most of the time this is her logical mind trying to interrupt her emotional flow. In these instances, simply agree with her and continue. “You’re right baby, we should totally slow down.” If a girl says to you, “But I don’t even know you! This is too soon,” and won’t let you physically escalate, then you probably haven’t built enough comfort with her. This is not a problem. The great thing about comfort is that you can usually build it on an ad hoc basis. Here is my normal routine in these cases. “That’s okay. I totally understand… Listen, I really enjoy your company – you’re sexy and everything but you’re also a really cool girl. I like talking to you too… Come here, lie down with me and we’ll chat.” Then, talk with her for a while, and try escalating again. Chances are things will be different and go smoothly after this. The key is to not disagree with her and keep pushing. Simply agree with her, confidently divert the energy to getting to know one another and later steer things back to sexuality once the comfort is better established. Sometimes a woman may say something like: “I’m not going to have sex with you,” even though she seems very attracted to you. You can often bypass this just by saying, “Cool,” and carrying on by talking and building ad hoc comfort as discussed above and eventually physically escalating again. “I really don’t care if we have sex tonight or not. I’d like to, but baby I don’t need it.” The important thing after that is to turn very slightly away from her. Create a physical vacuum, which she will then be inclined to fill.

2.7.2. Plant a seed of sexuality “Baby, you look so hot in that dress... I love the way your neck feels on my lips. I’m curious what your legs feel like too. I’m going to have to explore there later on with lots of kisses. I bet your whole body is as luscious as this patch of skin right here.” Talk about something else, After using a sexual seed like that, PULL AWAY and keep talking about something else. Don’t let things get too heated or dwell on it too long because that gives her a chance to rationalize what just happened. “Let’s get out of here and grab some coffee.”

2.8. Compliments

2.8.1. Caveats You should always compliment a woman’s body when she gets naked with you ALL women are insecure about their bodies in some way, so you should reassure them how sexy they are when you are getting intimate. Make them comfortable and they will open up much more to you sexually.

2.8.2. Examples “Your breasts are beautiful.” “Your skin is so soft.” “I love the feel of your neck in my hand.” “You smell incredible.” “You have the most incredible X.” “You have the sexiest X.”

2.9. Staying in Contact

2.9.1. Text Messaging Feed Information

2.9.2. Newsletters

2.9.3. Facebook/Myspace

3. Physical Progression

3.1. Touch

3.1.1. Caveats “Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.” If it fits what you’re saying, the touching makes sense and will work. If you touch a woman too much randomly and haphazardly, you will eventually creep her out. A push/pull dynamic is almost always built into any flirtatious conversation. Match the verbal pushes and pulls with comparable physical ones and your physical progression will be much more successful and calibrated. Enjoy. Physical progression should start from the beginning of the conversation. This breaks the touching “taboo” in the course of conversation and will generally progress through a few stages in the course of an interaction:

3.1.2. Examples “You’re awesome, I’m adopting you as my new little sister.” (With a hug.) “We’re breaking up… I want my CDs back.” (With a little shove.) In the middle of the conversation as things are going well, put your arm over her shoulder and look to your friends, or her friends if yours aren’t there, and say as though you’re not sure: “So, what do you think? Is this going to work?” (Point back and forth between the two of you.) Regardless of the answer, you quickly release the arm on the shoulder and say: “Yeah, I don’t know yet…” And continue your conversation normally. It plants the seed that you’re interested and maintains a high-value but playful frame that you’re still screening. When a girl tells you something that isn’t really all that special, like “I just got cable” or “These are new shoes,” you can pretend to be overly excited about the news and pick her up and start swinging her around. “You got cable?! Oh my god! Now your life is complete!” You have to commit fully to this for it to work. She will play along and have fun with it if you appear to be getting a kick out of it. “Sorry, I’ve just been trying to work on being a more positive, enthusiastic person.” Physical Progression Stack 1) First find a way to reward her with a high five for something she says or does. “That’s awesome, high five!” High five her and put your fingers through hers when your hands are in the air. If she doesn’t wrap her fingers through yours, release the hand and abort mission. If she does, take the hand and move to 2) Spin her around in a playful twirl. At the end of the spin, if she plays along enthusiastically and doesn’t stiffen up, move to 3) End the spin move by pulling her to your side so she’s facing the same direction as you and your arm is over her shoulder. Hold onto her hand and see if she curls up against you and maintains the hand hold. You are in a fairly intimate spot now. Gauge her comfort with being this close to you. If she seems comfortable with all of it, you have the option to move to 4) Holding her close to you, look her in the eye and give her a sly smile and see if she looks open to being kissed. If so, go for it. At any point along the way, if she stiffens up or lacks compliance, you can stop and not overextend yourself. If she is playing along with everything enthusiastically, this is a great accelerated way to get to the kiss. Helicase regularly uses this to kiss close in under five minutes. Muscle If she’s in good shape and has been receptive to your physical progression maneuvers, you can say: “You’re diesel. What kind of workout do you do?” Whatever kind of workout she does, tell her you do a different kind, but you want to know how hers is by checking. “Let’s see… Make a muscle.” Have her flex her bicep then squeeze it. Even though she’s making a muscle tease her with: “No really… Make a muscle.” Then say “How are your abs?” Put your hands on her waist and push on her abs with your thumbs to check. Then take one of her hands and put it on your abs. This can work even if you aren’t in shape, just say that you have the hottest abs on the planet, and keep insisting on it even after she’s put her hands on your beer gut and say something along the lines of: “Yeah my workout is amazing… I found it on the Budweiser website. You should check it out.” Gauge her comfort level and be very playful to make it seem innocent. “I really believe in giving back to society, so I volunteer my free time at the local hospital. I oscillate between doing janitorial work and brain surgery… you know, wherever they need me on a given day. In fact, I’m out here tonight because we’re trying to recruit new brain surgeons. You like helping out your fellow humans, right? Do you have steady hands? Let’s see, hold out your hands as steady as you can and don’t move them.” Notice whether she puts her palms up or down, and how enthusiastically she goes along with it. You can even balance a shot glass or two on her hands for extra fun. “Okay, wow, that’s pretty steady. Okay, now I’m going to try to distract you -- just like a real hospital -- and you have to keep your hands as steady as possible. Remember, a human’s life depends on this.” Start by lightly touching your hands to hers and see if she flinches or moves away. If she doesn’t, reward her with “Very good!” Then lightly grab her wrists and say: “Sometimes the gloves can get really tight around your wrists, but you still have to plow forward.” (Shake her elbows a little bit...) “In California, there are earthquakes.” (Then, lightly brush back her hair and blow on her neck.) “The air conditioning vent may cause your hair to blow out of the way and send a breeze down your neck.” Then try to Tickle her This works best when her friends are around. It lets you build a little conspiracy with the woman you’re talking to. Gently tickle her back, either over or under her shirt, depending on how far along the physical progression ladder you are. Make sure her friends can’t see, so only she knows it is happening. Continue having normal conversation, as though nothing is going on at all.

3.2. Palm Reading

3.2.1. Diagrams <html><img src="">

3.2.2. *?* also known as chiromancy or chirognomy "God placed signs or seals in the hands of men, that all men might know their works, and there is always the timeless knowledge that God and nature make nothing in vain." Unlike your zodiac sign, which you’re born with, the lines on your palm are not fixed from birth your life determines what your palm looks like, rather than the appearance of your palm determining your life.

3.2.3. Hands Long before languages came into vogue hand gestures played an important role in communciations. there are more nerves from the brain to the hand than to any other part of the body We write with them, work with them, and touch others with our hands only.

4. Logistical Progression

4.1. You have to make it look casual by moving into an appropriate position or location where you might start a random, situational conversation with her. Also, it can often help to “ground” yourself to the situation, for example by picking up a book in a bookstore, or buying a cup of coffee in a café and sitting down (near to the woman).

4.2. Consider

4.2.1. 1) How many people can hear what you’re saying. The more people around her or the quieter the venue, the more social pressure there is – on both you and her. If you use a direct opener, the social pressure can make her feel awkward and more likely to respond negatively. Use an indirect opener in situations like this, for example in subway carriages, bookstores and cafés.

4.2.2. 2) How fast she is moving. The faster she is moving, the more you need to have a valid reason for talking to her specifically and not any of the other women that are standing near you. If you were to use an indirect opener on a woman rushing down the street with shopping bags, she would wonder why you were asking her and make the judgment that you have poor social calibration (which shows her that you are a low-value guy). A woman moving on the street is not that hard to stop; you just need to approach with the right energy and calibration.

4.2.3. Use direct openers for women who are moving, for example on the street or walking through shopping malls. Women love a man who has the confidence to stop them directly – it shows that he is willing to take risks for the things he wants, which in turn suggests a powerful, successful lifestyle.

4.3. Caveats

4.3.1. You must make sure you get her attention when you deliver a direct opener. If you don’t commit and say it weakly (which is what 99% of guys – including myself – do the first time they ever try a direct opener) then the girl will not stop moving. If this happens, do NOT keep moving with her. Stand there and simply project your voice louder.

4.3.2. You can also use a pre-opener such as “Excuse me,” in order to get her attention fully (just don’t say it in a supplicating manner).

4.3.3. The woman needs to feel that you’ve stopped her specifically as opposed to just stopping random hot girls on the street. The more passion you can put behind the opener, the more likely it is to work.

4.3.4. Changing the venue in the middle of the interaction anchors you in their immediate enviroment Cell Phone Wallet

4.4. Commitment

4.4.1. o Either Or +

4.4.2. o "I'm counting on you, I'm rearranging my schedule, what time are we meeting again?"

5. After-the-Fact

5.1. Burning Fire

5.1.1. If you meet a woman (especially a sharp, attractive woman who's intelligent), and you start doing all of those wonderful things that spark and amplify the ATTRACTION present in the situation, you must KEEP MOVING FORWARD, or you'll lose everything you've built.

5.1.2. if you don't take things to a physical level quickly after creating all of this sexual tension, it will eventually go away, and you'll be left with just "friend" material.

5.1.3. If you're going to spark and amplify attraction with a woman, you need to continue on to the next level SOON... or you're going to probably lose it.

5.1.4. When you just tease a woman, bust on her, get her all wired up and excited about you... then DON'T MOVE FORWARD PHYSICALLY, it's a let down.

5.1.5. the woman you're with has a first impression of you that says "This guy is sexy and attractive," but when you don't continue forward on a physical level, she starts to think "Uh Oh, he's either not interested in me 'in that way', he's gay, or he's seeing someone else," etc.

5.1.6. If you want to be "friends" with a woman, it's easy. Don't do anything. If you don't make any "moves", don't try to kiss her, and don't confidently lead in a physical way, a woman will only think of you as a "friend". Even if there is attraction based on personality, it's going to disappear if you don't cross over into the physical realm.

5.1.7. 99% of the time, she's NOT going to be the one to make the first moves... it's just not going to happen. YOU have to do it.

5.1.8. Using the physical techniques... ways of touching, ways of getting her physically turned on and amplifying her arousal, that you've learned in the materials, will get a woman so turned on that just about ANY kind of sexual interaction will be fine with her.

5.2. The Real Keys

5.2.1. 1) Knowing WHAT to do to proceed in each situation

5.2.2. 2) Knowing WHEN to proceed in each situation

5.2.3. 3) Knowing HOW to proceed in each situation... in a way that is smooth and natural... and that doesn't get you "rejected"

5.2.4. The KEY is that you have to at least PROGRESS physically with her. Explained differently, you don't necessarily have to go "all the way," but you do have to get pretty far down the field... and keep going a little farther each time... if you want to keep the attraction building.

6. Openers

6.1. Solo

6.1.1. You look like you're up to no good... I saw you checking me out and I knew if I didn't confront you, you would probably try and follow me home later.

6.1.2. Are you going to like me the third time you see me? You

6.1.3. Do you remember me? Yea you were standing on the other side of the XXX, yea that was me walking by The Gym The BookStore The Club

6.1.4. Hey what are you doing?

6.1.5. Hey did you miss me?

6.1.6. How are you?

6.1.7. Julie! Julie! Hey it's me! Nah I'm just playin, whatsup? You just looked like you were up to no good, just wanted to make sure

6.2. Group

6.2.1. Hey everyone having a good time you having fun tonight? Yeah just making sure.

6.2.2. Hey you guys look like you're up to no good

6.2.3. Hey you guys all look like trouble over here


6.3.1. It's kind of hot

6.4. Team

6.4.1. Ninja Roll Throw the Beer

6.4.2. Hey come here! Ohhh whatsup dude! Hey who's this? Man you can't be like that you need to introduce us! How long have you guys known each other?

7. Inner Game

7.1. Self Esteem

7.1.1. Confidence Antidote for Anxiety Courage

7.1.2. Equates with Happiness

7.1.3. Get use to the answer No - it builds you Accept it - develop tough skin

7.1.4. Become creative, know what you want

7.2. Anxiety

7.2.1. Proximity

7.2.2. Feared Object or Event

7.3. Caveats

7.3.1. Amused vs Fearful

7.3.2. Anxiety vs Confidence

8. Seek & Destroy

8.1. Locations

8.1.1. Go and FIND a place where I would want her to BE Barnes & Nobles (Ala Moana & Kahala)

8.2. Demographic

8.2.1. Approaching the Women who I would want to be with Say I am not interested in you Don't think about what I'm going to say Erase the inner monologue Be positive

8.3. Difficulty

8.3.1. Comfort Zone is the ENEMY

8.3.2. Go for the HARDEST sets FIRST

9. What Women Want

9.1. Competition

9.1.1. Talking to the 10 and the 7 is all over you

9.1.2. Women want to be the #1 in the room

9.1.3. Men who have beautiful women

9.1.4. Well it was nice talking to you I have to get back to my friend she was giving me the eye earlier, she hates it when other girls talk to me

9.1.5. She wants to PROVE herself - so you can't reject her

9.2. Saving

9.2.1. If they're giving me the "help me" eye

9.3. She wants you to be NOT interested in her, she wants you to be TAKEN

10. Successes

10.1. Sets

10.1.1. Holding Hand out for a food item Improvements Logistical Moving Inbetween Talk to the Ugly One Make the Hot one earn it

10.2. 2 Guys 1 Girl

10.2.1. Sitting down next to her Closest one says nothing Farther one initiates with a, "Hi"