Charlie's Success Strategies

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Charlie's Success Strategies by Mind Map: Charlie's Success Strategies

1. Study Abroad

1.1. In Germany

1.1.1. I plan on minoring in German It will help learning and knowing how to use the German language much easier

1.1.2. Many multinational corporations that higher actuaries are based in Germany

1.1.3. Studying there will be a big resume boost

1.1.4. I'd go for a 3 week period 2014 2015

1.2. In England

1.2.1. A few schools in England have the best actuarial programs in Europe

1.2.2. I've always wanted to go there

1.2.3. Many multinational companies that higher actuaries are headquartered or have branche sin England

1.2.4. Be there for a 3 week period or semester 2015 2016

2. Campus Involvement

2.1. Intermural Sports

2.1.1. Ultimate Frisbee

2.1.2. Golf

2.2. Getting involved in clubs

2.2.1. Rowing club

2.2.2. Sailing club

2.3. Attend sporting events to support my fellow hawkeyes

2.3.1. football

2.3.2. basketball

2.3.3. wrestling

2.4. Form Study groups with friends

2.4.1. Go to various activities with them

2.5. Get to know 3 professors well by the end of my sophomore year

2.5.1. Can write letters of recommendation

2.5.2. Will help get me internships and a full time job

2.6. Support friends by attending their activities

2.6.1. sports

2.6.2. theater performances

2.6.3. Concerts

3. Scholarships/Awards

3.1. Honors

3.1.1. Stay in the honors program all four years Take 12 hours of honors level courses in the first two years of college Earn 12 hours of credit for out of class activities Study Abroad Volunteering Possible research opportunities

3.1.2. Maintain at least a 3.33 GPA to stay in the honors program

3.1.3. Join at least 1 club to stay in

3.1.4. Graduate with honors in my major

3.2. Keep my current scholarships all 4 years

3.3. Make the Dean's list at least 4 out of 8 semesters.

3.3.1. Have 12+ semester hours each semester

3.3.2. Don't have incomplete or missing assignments

3.3.3. Maintain a 3.5 GPA

3.4. Pass 2 actuarial exams by the end of 5th semester

3.4.1. Pass 4 by the end of my 8th semester

3.5. Charles E. and Eleanor G. Wilson Scholarship in Actuarial Science

3.5.1. 10-$8,000 scholarships awarded


4. Volunteer Work

4.1. Saturdays In service

4.1.1. Help out at least 1 Saturday a month

4.2. Help out with Daum 4th floor volunteer events

4.2.1. Senior Center

4.2.2. Preparing meals for the less fortunate

4.3. Help with various volunteer events with organizations through the university and the town

4.3.1. River clean up

4.3.2. Habitat for humanity

4.4. Become active in the community

5. Work

5.1. Internships

5.1.1. Summer 2014 Apply for a general internship at State Farm insurance In Bloomington, Illinois learn Valuable work experience after freshman year

5.1.2. Summer 2015 Get an Actuarial Internship at State Farm insurance after passing 1 or 2 professional exams Get work experience in my future profession

5.1.3. Summer 2016 Get another Actuarial Internship either at State Farm or another insurance company. Hopefully get a job offer after the summer Make relationships with fellow co-workers

5.2. Work 10-15 hours a week starting 2nd semester freshman year

5.2.1. Do internships in my field of major starting summer after freshman year

5.3. Have a full time job lined up by the time I graduate college

5.3.1. Work for an insurance company

6. Outside Interests

6.1. I like being active outside

6.1.1. kayaking

6.1.2. hiking

6.1.3. going for walks

6.2. I like hanging out with my friends in my spare time and doing fun things with them when we all get the chance to

6.3. Driving

6.4. Playing video games