Josh Abdo

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Josh Abdo by Mind Map: Josh Abdo

1. Pick one! (or 2, or 3)

1.1. CAB (campus activities board)

1.1.1. Be as involved as I can Help out with the non-required events

1.2. Bible Study

1.2.1. Help others learn

1.3. Intramural sports

1.3.1. Get friends involved while having fun!

1.3.2. Sand volleyball, soccer, kickball, canoe battleship

1.3.3. Fantastic way to stay in shape

2. Be stellar in school

2.1. Do every assignment

2.2. Go to each class

2.3. Ask when confused

2.4. Take school seriously

2.5. Don't put studying off to the last minute

3. Be prepared

3.1. Do readings ahead of time.

3.2. Stay on top of emails, ICON updates

3.3. Have clear communication with professors

3.4. Get some sleep!

4. Don't forget to stay fit!

4.1. CRWC

4.1.1. Swimming pool

4.1.2. Weights

4.1.3. Smoothie stand

4.2. Pick up bball games!

4.2.1. With friends

4.2.2. With strangers

4.2.3. Alone?

4.3. 7 minute workout

4.3.1. In the dorm room

4.3.2. Make it a group activity! 5 people and counting

5. Know when to have fun!

5.1. Organize floor events

5.2. Movie nights in the lounge

5.3. Hawkeye sporting events

5.4. Try something completely new!

6. Do some of the "less commons"

6.1. Volunteer

6.1.1. Make sure the college experience is used to benefit others, not just myself

6.1.2. Countless opportunities - there's someone to help

6.1.3. Develop professional skills

6.2. Study abroad

6.2.1. It will never be more feasible than now

6.2.2. It's about as costly as tuition in the States. The difference is, it's overseas!

6.2.3. Colombia, South America

6.3. Internship

6.3.1. Get hands-on, practical job experience

6.3.2. Make Professional connections

6.3.3. Use my summer and open hours to do something applicable to my career

6.4. Resident Assistant

6.4.1. Compliments my career goals

6.4.2. Allows me to work with fellow students and improve others' lives

7. Get involved! Become a leader

7.1. Look for opportunities to get others more involved

7.2. Get experience planning events

7.3. Become president of a club or student org

7.4. Take the initiative - don't wait for things to fall into place

8. Build Strong Relationships with Mentors

8.1. Ryan McFadden

8.2. Professor Liskin-Gasparro

8.3. Jimmy Hicks

8.4. Jennifer Blair