My Health and Wellness Plan

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My Health and Wellness Plan by Mind Map: My Health and Wellness Plan

1. Physical

1.1. I work out 3 X's a week with Roller Derby

1.1.1. Schedule time in between practices for personal strength training.

1.2. Eating Healthier

1.2.1. Make a Schedule for the week

1.2.2. Make out lunches for the week

1.2.3. Prep healthy snacks for the week so that it's more accessible

1.3. Getting More sleep

1.3.1. Need at least 7 hours each night

1.3.2. Manage my time better

2. Mental and Emotional

2.1. Be more aware of emotions

2.2. Be more accepting of emotions

2.3. Try to laugh it off

2.4. Remember that it is my choice to be healthier, happier, wiser!

2.4.1. I am in control!

2.5. Have more self confidence

2.5.1. Recognize insecurities

2.5.2. Identify successes

2.5.3. Show more gratitude

3. Social

3.1. What is Social Wellness?

3.1.1. ability to build personal connections with others, deal with conflict and to be a part of a positive social network.

3.2. Develop Assertiveness-

3.2.1. Do not be passive aggressive or aggressive

3.3. Have Fun!

3.4. Be more engaged with my community

3.5. Create Boundaries

3.5.1. Not allow the feelings/emotions of others dictate my happiness

3.5.2. Not blame others for my problems

3.5.3. Why do I allow boundaries to be violated? Healthy boundaries were not modeled. Guilt

4. Spiritual

4.1. Meditate

4.1.1. How do I quiet my mind?

4.1.2. Schedule time for it each day

4.1.3. Write down why this is important to me.

4.2. Random Acts of Kindness

4.2.1. Make a list of 26-same # as my Age

4.2.2. Make it fun by inviting someone to act with you.

4.2.3. Record your adventures

4.3. Evaluating Personal Values

4.3.1. What are They?

4.3.2. Make a List of Top 10 Values

4.3.3. How do they effect my everyday life?

4.4. Accepting the Views of Others

4.4.1. Seek to Understand Other Views

4.4.2. Be Patient

4.4.3. Be Respectful Tell others that you respect their opinion and willingness to share it with you.