Resources for Exploring Visual Literacy Education

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Resources for Exploring Visual Literacy Education by Mind Map: Resources for Exploring Visual Literacy Education

1. Find Images

1.1. Open Culture is a resource for free cultural and educational media on the web.

1.2. Public Domain Review is a collection of interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works.

1.3. Flikr is a photsharing website that allows you to search for copyright free and Creative Commons licensed material.

1.4. Literacy Shed features a well-organized collection of links to visual resources gathered by primary school teacher R. Smith.

1.5. The Library of Congress "Picture This" collection contains a variety of visual media from throughout U.S. History.

1.6. Google Maps are a valuable resource for understanding social studies, history, and geographical context.

1.7. Google Cultural Institute is a visual collection of museum treasures from around the world.

2. Use Images Ethically

2.1. Creative Commons Image Search

2.2. U.S. Copyright Office Resources for Student and Teacher's

2.3. Stanford Copyright & Fair Use from Stanford University Libraries

2.4. Yale Collaborative Learning Center's Visual Literacy Tools Resource Page (image citation video tutorial)

3. Create Visual Media

3.1. Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tool

3.2. Video Sharing

3.3. Visual Research and Timeline Tool

3.4. A Tool for Collecting and Organizing Online Images and Links

3.5. Visual Storytelling Tool

3.6. Storyboard Creator

3.7. Education Drawing, Storytelling, and Movie Making Tool

3.8. Infographic and Presentation Tool

3.9. Video Creation

4. Visual Literacy Lessons: Evaluate, Analyze, and Use Visual Images Effectively

4.1. This Visual Literacy Toolbox is a treasure trove of activity ideas, lesson plans, and learning objective suggestions.

4.2. David Jake's Visual Literacy Learning resource page features video, critical reading links, and other valuable information about planning visual literacy lessons.

4.3. Frank Baker's collection of Visual Literacy lesson planning links includes a wide variety of plans from across the web.

4.4. The Library of Congress "Teacher" site has a vast collection of lesson plans and ideas for libraries and content area teachers. Search "visual literacy" at the following URL:

4.5. The PBS Teacher's "Focus on Visual Literacy" is a collection of resources, available on the web from PBS, to support visual literacy learning.

5. Understanding the need for Visual Literacy Education

5.1. The Power of Images and Symbols from hvlach on YouTube

5.2. George Lucas on Teaching Visual Literacy and Communication from Edutopia

5.3. The Brian Lehrer Show: Interview with Stephen Apkon, author of "The Age of Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens"

5.4. Amy Ballet on Teaching Visual Literacy Across the Curriculum.