The Bank is not important - "If you get the brand right, the licensors will come to you."

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The Bank is not important - "If you get the brand right, the licensors will come to you." by Mind Map: The Bank is not important - "If you get the brand right, the licensors will come to you."

1. Core 1

1.1. The Four Vectors through which a brand Emerges

1.1.1. Core Idea Products Environment Behavior When we talk about behavior what are we referring to? The business behavior? As in how the business interacts with the Followers? I shared your story with my seven-year old grandson Henry. He giggled out loud when he heard the names. He immediately brought up Kung Fu Panda. His mind went to puppets, videos, stuffed animals, games of wisdom, etc. He regularly meditates with my son and he is no stranger to zen, yoga, etc. He created a logo that looks like your meditating dog picture but his meditating dog is balancing on a long tail. Communication Combine all of above = Brand Logic Books Division Best Graphic Design Brand thinking Elmo Sesame Street: Kermit And Elmo Discuss Happy And Sad Interviews logic A blog for the ladies - glove and boots Taglines For fly page of books, embroidered on clothing. bags, merchandise etc Memorable + Unique

1.2. Logo

1.2.1. Pick Graphic Designer Bloor or Brian Hollinsworth Post on Graphic design site Design briefs already online must be willing to sign over the rights of their final designs of characters/web to myself. Fly page of books/embroidered on clothing/bags/Merchandise

2. Strategic Goals

2.1. Become a youtube sensation

2.2. Create a fun website

2.3. Create following on Social media

2.4. Goals: - how to make yoga sutras an amusing and fun dialogue between monkey student and guru dog - systematically and thoroughly teach yoga sutras with great humor - blend teaching of yoga sutras in fun way with everyday challenges that we face and use a kid's curiosity in the monkey to channel that

2.5. to create a successful respected brand - the way Jamie oliver did for food - but for yoga etc

2.6. Influencers

2.6.1. - twitter - Russell Simmons - Def Jam recordings founder

3. Strategy

3.1. Create two characters as puppets on youtube and use them to create a dialogue that teaches insightful solutions to human psychological and physical challenges - using the yoga sutras and yoga philosophy as a base for the curriculum covered but also plugging into 20th century challenges with humor and pragmatism. Sell Plushes of these characters. Sell T-shirts with their images and captions Later use them as brand ambassadors of specific products and ebooks

3.2. the Annoying Orange has a lot to teach here - Challenge - how to get that kind of traction without just being totally inane (like the annoying orange is)

3.3. Breathe,in Shop

3.3.1. Threadless = / There are a lot of options. Depending on where a person is in the world makes certain places better than others. Cafepress is probably the biggest. There is also Zazzle. All those sites have different ways to display products on your own site while directing orders to their site. Your commission on any site though is only going to average about 10%. Yes you definitely keep all rights. And you can post the same designs on every site if you want. Shopify would fit in only if you were going to stock and ship the shirts yourself. Otherwise, you just use the site integration solutions the vendor (like cafepress) provides.

3.3.2. Plushes

3.3.3. how to create live story there asap? This page is on the Wallace and Gromet Site: You can see plushes for sale there of Gromit and the Sheep etc

3.3.4. IPhone cases made in shape of surfs

3.3.5. Website speed with current hosts (Amazon probably better)

4. My Core Challenges

4.1. How to get puppets to do Sun Salutation?


4.2. Define Target Audience Agegroup




4.2.4. you can teach yoga asanas to very young kids but the question I need to nail is what age group can grasp the teaching of yoga sutras too? Remember my model is: kung fu panda meets Indian philosophy I wonder if the age group is 8 and up The hit yoga book from Baron Baptiste is now available in paperback! Yoga is not just about tying yourself up in knots, pretzel-style, it's about stretching your mind as well as your body, discovering who you really are, achieving your full potential - and having fun along the way! Especially created for parents and kids to share, but equally suitable for adults and older children to use alone, My Daddy is a Pretzel is for yogis of all ages, shapes and sizes. Featured on BBC's Blue Peter.

4.3. Research

4.3.1. Characters Dialogues How Monty Python came up with jokes 07.24 to 07.58

4.3.2. Mumsnet post know what it is like with hundreds of things going on in your head at this creative and concept stage…it kind of reads like that too on mumsnet - my opinion would be to say way less and give people a less defined opportunity to contribute. Other than I am familiar with your project, you would have lost my interest very quickly while reading - and thats a pity because it is a really great concept that people should love to be able to contribute to. when i worked with our creative teams on DD i found that a really heavily defined brief had a much worse outcome that just giving someone a vague brief…that was engineered to get as many diverse contributions as possible. So yes, get the character visuals and give an outline personality summary and then look for the content you require from contributors. i usually fall into the same trap…it shows passion and belief in the project…but unfortunately can confuse the message. Tony always says to me, SHORT, SWEET and SIMPLE.

4.3.3. Authors to Learn from

4.4. 1. Set up Facebook page for the characters 2. Set up Shopify and learn how to use it yourself 3. You don't need a tech team

4.5. Format

4.5.1. - Will it be serial in nature? - overriding themes that you want to discuss over several episodes?

5. Challenges to Outsource

5.1. Ray's role

5.1.1. On our team Tony is the licensing chief, he has vast experience in the US having worked on huge brands from care bears to spongebob to looney tunes etc. Our plan is to build brand and then have companies approach us for licensing opportunities. This is easily done. Tony uses a lawyer in the US, but I think his rates were high (California rates). Before licensing, protecting your IP is the most important thing, ensuring you have secured the URL's you need...especially similar options that future competitors/opportunists could use. I have secured various options for our IP's.

5.1.2. Making sample plushes

5.2. Outsource everything but core competency

5.2.1. Legal Costs initial TM work lawyers charge about 200 an hour trademark registration costs about 500 Euros just for filing with the EU not including legal costs you will want to register the trademark wherever you are creating the company and selling the product UK/Asia/US Although it is a good idea to register copyrights, you are protected the minute you create an original work of authorship. Same with trademarks but there are a lot more benefits to registration. The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have an assignment of rights from anyone who was a part of the creative process (created materials, drawings, etc)

5.2.2. Company Location Singapore would be fine for your type of company You will just need a Singapore partner to keep costs down or be a PR You know quite a few people in Singapore so it should not be a problem for you.

5.2.3. Campaigns Jos The label has facebook and twitter accounts but it plans to take its online marketing efforts beyond the two popular platforms One of it's next tasks is to build a community and story around that group of mothers that it serves - "we're asking people to tell us about breast-feeding their babies, and what some of their challenges are. We found that this has created some buzz," she says. - mothersenvogue

5.2.4. Creation of Plushes

5.2.5. Managment of E-Shop and Wholesale Products

5.2.6. Graphic Design Costs

5.2.7. Website live asap Dontate Email Capture

5.2.8. Ian's team can develop apps etc later

6. Pain point this solves

6.1. Human society, human families have lots of psychological problems. Creating two characters that can use comedy and wisdom to help prepare people to be self-reliant, sane and happy and grow spiritually and in phyiscal health is the key focus here. The yoga sutras solves many pain points and shmonkeyandguru is a novel and fun way to present those solutions

6.2. Target Market


6.2.2. Salient facts: 16 million Americans now do yoga, and the "sport" is "gaining practitioners more quickly than golf, tennis, and mountaineering."