ICHK Science Vision

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ICHK Science Vision by Mind Map: ICHK Science Vision

1. ICHK Science Student

1.1. thinks and acts critically

1.2. collaboration

1.3. taking action to protect our environment

1.4. Deep understanding of why to take actions and interconnectedness of environment and people - understand own influence on the world around them (and vice versa)

1.5. understands why scientists act and proceed the way they do; and is able to think and act as a scientist too

2. hands-on, active approach to learning

3. competitions & fairs

3.1. Google

4. Environmental

4.1. year trip to HK Wetlands

4.2. link to outdoor pursuits

4.3. Activities build awareness of environment, interconnectedness

4.4. model the scientific method as a way of thinking and learning

4.5. Authentic science